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PDGA Women

PDGA Women

In 2013, the PDGA started an initiative to increase women’s participation in disc golf events while also raising money for an incredibly important cause, the fight against cancer. Each year during the month of October, the PDGA donates $2 for every female that competes in a PDGA-sanctioned event to charity. In 2016, the organization selected was the Dempsey Center.

Cover photo by John Hernlund #47075, during the 2014 Women's Global Event in Tokyo, Japan.

Happy New Year from the PDGA Women’s Committee!

We have been steadily working away on the details for the 2016 PDGA Women’s Global Event (WGE) since our Save The Date announcement in November. Thank you to all who have written and have expressed interest and support for the 2016 WGE on May 14th, the third running of this amazing biennial worldwide event!

Join the PDGA in the fight to end breast cancer! For the 3rd year in a row, the PDGA will be donating $2 to the Young Survival Coalition for every female player that competes in a PDGA-sanctioned event during the month of October.

Story by Carie Coleman; Photo of Lucy and Olivia Burks with TD Cindy McMahan by Marcus Burks.

With the United States Women's Disc Golf Championships right around the corner, we thought we'd highlight one of the most successful women-only disc golf events in the world, the Chick Flick Women's Disc Golf Celebration!

The PDGA Women's Committee is very pleased to announce the return of the PDGA Women’s Global Event on May 10th, 2014!

Our inaugural Women's Global Event in 2012 was a huge success and made history as the largest PDGA event for a single demographic within the sport of disc golf. 41 registered tournaments, reaching across 24 states and 4 countries (including United States, Norway, Finland and Australia) resulted in a turnout of 636 women in 15 different PDGA divisions.