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Official Disc Golf World Rankings


FPO top 5
July 17, 2024
arrow_drop_up 0 1 Kristin Tattar
arrow_drop_up 1 2 Ohn Scoggins
arrow_drop_up 1 3 Eveliina Salonen
arrow_drop_up 1 4 Missy Gannon
arrow_drop_up 1 5 Holyn Handley
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MPO Top 5
july 17, 2024
arrow_drop_up 0 1 Calvin Heimburg
arrow_drop_up 0 2 Gannon Buhr
arrow_drop_up 0 3 Richard Wysocki
arrow_drop_up 1 4 Matthew Orum
arrow_drop_up 1 5 Kyle Klein
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About the ranking system

On hiatus since 2019, the PDGA relaunched a new version of the Official Disc Golf World Rankings on February 21, 2024. The 2024 relaunch utilizes a new calculation system devised by the PDGA team in collaboration with Mark Broadie and Dylan Bierne of SportEdge. Broadie was a developer of the current formula utilized in the Official World Golf Rankings which are used by professional golf tours around the world, including the PGA Tour.

Each Official Disc Golf World Rankings update will be calculated based on event results over the previous 104 weeks, with most recent performances given a higher weighted value. Additionally, higher-tier events will carry more value, with PDGA Majors at the top of the scale. The 2024 edition of the rankings will include only Elite Series and PDGA Major event results. Updates can be expected each Wednesday following an Elite event or PDGA Major.

Watch an interview with Mark Broadie, explaining the development of the Official Disc Golf World Rankings. The interview is also available on the PDGA Radio podcast.