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PDGA International Program

Reflecting its roles as the global governing body and players’ association for disc golf, PDGA’s worldwide activity has been growing exponentially outside of its traditional base in USA and Canada since 2005, when the International Program was launched. The Program’s overriding goal is to foster, strengthen and sustain the growth of our competitive sport and recreational activity around the world.

Today, the PDGA partners with national disc golf and disc sports associations in 50 affiliated countries. All told, in 2023, there were more than 2500 courses, 24400 current PDGA members and 2050 sanctioned PDGA Tour events in Europe, eastern and south-eastern Asia, Oceania, Latin America and Africa. There, and in other corners of the globe where disc golf is starting to take flight, the PDGA also serves as a resource base for building the game at the grassroots level and offers funding support through the Marco Polo Program, and the PDGA Europe Development Fund.

There are some key differences between PDGA memberships, events and programming in USA/Canada and the rest of the world. International membership prices are lower and there are no per player or non/non-current member fees collected from international country events. These distinctions reflect a couple of key facts: In North America, PDGA is both the national and the global association, whereas in other countries, many of which have their own fee structures, it is only the international organization. In turn, PDGA International event standards are also not as demanding as in USA/Canada. This ensures that they accommodate the relative and different stages of development in each affiliated country. While this significantly lower-cost approach may mean that the PDGA does not offer all the activities to other countries that it does to the 80% of its overall membership based in USA/Canada, it remains a key reason for the significant success of the International Program to date.

The International Program is steered by the International Director, the Memberships and Growth Director, the PDGA Europe Board of Directors and staff, and the Country Coordinators.  

For more information, please see the annual PDGA International Program Guide.

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