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PDGA International Program

PDGA’s worldwide activity has been growing exponentially since 2005, when the PDGA International Program was launched. The Program’s central aim is to strengthen and support the growth of disc golf and the PDGA brand on a global basis. Today, the PDGA partners with national disc golf and disc sports associations in 30+ affiliated countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Latin America and Africa. In 2017, there were more than 7250 current PDGA international members and 730+ PDGA Tour events in the International countries. Here, and in other corners of the globe where disc golf is beginning to take flight, the PDGA also serves as a resource base for building the game at the grassroots level and offers funding support through the Marco Polo Program.

Beyond providing sanctioned PDGA Tour events and the benefits of membership, the Program fosters the globalization of the Official Rules of Disc Golf, the PDGA Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events, and other standards, all with the aim of increasing international play. Key informational documents are also being translated into and published in other languages. The International Program is steered by the International Director, the PDGA Europe Board of Directors and Administrator, and the Country Coordinators.  

For more information please see the annual PDGA International Program Guide.

PDGA Canada

PDGA Canada was set up in 2007 as a branch of the PDGA headquarters in the USA, with the purpose of supporting and promoting disc golf and PDGA activities in Canada. PDGA Canada affiliate websites, Canada-specific PDGA documents, and more can be found on the PDGA Canada page.


PDGA Europe

PDGA Europe was established in 2006 as a Committee of the PDGA Board of Directors, composed of the PDGA European Country Coordinators, the PDGA EuroTour Manager, and the PDGA International Director. In 2016 a PDGA Europe office was opened in the Netherlands and the first Europe Administrator was appointed. In September 2017 the first PDGA Europe Board of Directors assumed office. Currently the PDGA Europe Board is working on the legal, governance and protocol related documents needed to become fully operational. These are the first steps in the transition of PDGA Europe to a self-governing and self-sustaining continental branch of PDGA, and the transition of PDGA as a whole to a Global Institution.


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