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Frequently Asked Questions - Women's Global Event

May 12, 2020 at 7:00 am EST

TDs must submit and publish the scores from the May 9th, 2020 rounds via the PDGA Tournament Manager page by May 12, 2020 at 7:00 am EST.

No, however, we strongly encourage all WGE Tournament Directors to purchase the player’s packages since they will be crammed with interesting and unique items and offered at a very attractive price.  Tournament Directors can order 2020 WGE player’s packages through the special link to the PDGA Online Store. 

Individuals can also order 2020 WGE player’s packages through the PDGA Online Store, but at a higher price due to the cost of individual shipping and handling.

  1. PDGA Tour Standard compliance
    1. You must comply with all the current PDGA Tour Standards
  2. DiscGolfScene
    1. All registered WGE events must use for their online player registration pages. This allows WGE staff to streamline our communication to both the players and tournaments director
  3. Divisions offered:

The major change for 2020 is that there will be special 2020 WGE Player’s Packages available for TDs to purchase from the PDGA Online Store.  These player’s packs will be crammed with interesting and unique items and offered at a very attractive price, with a volume discount.  Tournament Directors can order 2020 WGE player’s packages through the special link to the PDGA Online Store.

Yes. However, the deadline to switch events is March 31, 2020. Please contact the Tournament Directors involved in your event switching and note that individual tournaments may have a deadline for pulling out of their event. 

Note: If you register for the WGE day-of you will miss out on special prize packages leading up to May 9 through Facebook Contests and Sponsored Sweepstakes Giveaways. The Player’s Pack will still be available to players registering on May 12 at the PDGA On-line Store. 

Check with your local WGE Tournament Director for deadlines.  There may be a deadline for registration and/or a deadline in order to obtain a 2020 WGE player’s package.

We recommend that you pre-register for your local WGE as soon as possible to help the Tournament Director prepare for the event and to secure your player pack (if offered). However, each local WGE has their own process and day of registration may NOT be available, so please check with your local WGE Tournament Director to find out.

As a TD of a WGE Only event, you will need to submit the sanctioning fee (for example, $50 for a C-tier), optional $50 non-refundable proof of insurance fee (if needed by park, city, etc.) and certified official’s exam fee (if needed, fee is $10). The PDGA per player fees are waived in addition to the non-member fees for this event.

Note: If you are running a regular tournament and are including your female divisions in the WGE, the per player fees and non-member fees are only waived for those female participants in Women's Global Event. 

To sanction a Women’s Global Event, review the PDGA Event Sanctioning Agreement online and submit your event. But before registering your WGE, be sure that you are willing to meet all mandatory requirements in your tournament as listed below in the FAQ titled “As a TD, what are the mandatory requirements for the WGE?”

2020 WGE players’ packages will be made available for WGE Tournament Directors to purchase.  Check with your local WGE TD to confirm whether this player’s package will be offered at your event.  There will be a registration deadline determined by your local WGE TD for receipt of the player’s pack.  

If your local WGE TD is not offering the 2020 WGE player’s package, you can purchase one at the PDGA Store.

April 19, 2020

Note: If you wait to register your WGE until April 19, you will miss out on the opportunity to receive any “Event Donations” from our sponsors and will almost certainly miss the opportunity to provide 2020 WGE player’s packages to your event participants. Please register your event by March 19, 2020 to be eligible for these benefits. 

Please note that you must fulfill all of the requirements below for your tournament to show on the online event calendar. If you believe you have fulfilled all these requirements, but still don’t see your event on the schedule, please contact the WGE staff.

  • You must have submitted an event sanctioning agreement.
  • You must have paid all sanctioning fees.
  • You must be a current PDGA member.
  • You must be a PDGA certified official.

All you need to do is upload your local player registration list via the PDGA Tournament Manager like you normally would. You can review your current registration on your individual results page while the Women's Global Event results page will be updated automatically with the current list of global participants. 

Yes, this is an official PDGA event and all guidelines set forth in the PDGA Tour Standards still apply.

No. The division you register for and play in at your local tournament will be the division you compete in for the WGE.  You must play all tournament rounds in the same division at your local event including rounds that will not be included in the WGE

Scores will automatically be updated on the overall WGE results page. Deadline for Tournament Directors to submit their scores is May 12, 2020 at 7:00 am EST. PDGA Women’s Global Events will be announced on May 16th in an article featured on the front page of and throughout the WGE social media pages.

You will need a minimum of 1 female playing in a female division and a minimum of 3 players (female or male) who are ratings propagators playing on the same course layout during each round. For the rounds to qualify, they must be the first two rounds of the event and played on the same course and layout each round.  Propagators are PDGA Members rated 700+ with a minimum of 8 officially rated rounds. Ratings propagators are required to calculate the ratings for the 2 rounds included in the WGE.

Yes, if there are no local tournaments, you might consider sanctioning and running your own WGE tournament. You will need to complete a sanctioning agreement and meet all sanctioning requirements (current membership, certified official, fee payment) and all WGE tournament requirements (3 propagators playing on the same layout, upload scores, submission of TD Report. etc.).

Check out the PDGA Tour Event Planning & Management resources for more information on running a tournament.

Yes! Non-member fees have been waived by the PDGA for the WGE. However, there is one exception. If your local tournament is classified as an A-Tier event, then a PDGA membership is required.

Also, it is important to note that while your round ratings for this event will be calculated for the purposes of determining a winner in each division, to acquire a PDGA player rating you do need to be a PDGA member. To become a new member, you can visit


Simply register in any local tournament that has been registered as a 2020 PDGA Women's Global Event. There will be no need to register separately for the Women's Global Event and no additional fee to participate, other than your local tournament registration fee.

For Junior divisions under 12, the score of the first round on Saturday May 9 will be submitted by the Tournament Director and rated by the PDGA.  Note that the layout played by Juniors under 12 must have at least 3 propagators (with 8 officially rated rounds of 700+) playing that same layout to get an accurate rating for the PDGA Women’s Global Event.

For all other divisions, scores from the first two rounds of each participating tournament will be submitted by the individual Tournament Directors and rated by the PDGA. These round ratings will be totaled and averaged to determine the player's "Global Score." For the rounds to qualify, the event must include two rounds and have at least 3 ratings propagators (players with a PDGA rating of 700+) playing on the same course layout during each round for ratings to be calculated as accurately as possible. The Global Scores will be updated throughout the day with our Women’s Global Event Champions being officially announced on May 16, 2020 via