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How many players does my tournament need to qualify as a WGE?

You will need a minimum of 1 female playing in a female division and a minimum of 3 players (female or male) who are ratings propagators playing on the same course layout during each round. For the rounds to qualify, they must be the first two rounds of the event and played on the same course and layout each round.  Propagators are PDGA Members rated 700+ with a minimum of 8 officially rated rounds. Ratings propagators are required to calculate the ratings for the 2 rounds included in the WGE.

You can tell which players in your tournament are ratings propagator by checking to see if their player rating is bold on your individual tournament results page. In the example below, only Mark is a ratings propagator so his player rating is in bold. William and Thomas are not propagators because they do not have a minimum of 8 officially rated rounds. Rudolph isn't current so he cannot be counted on as a ratings propagator.

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 12.51.18 PM.png