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Will PDGA sanctioning of events continue?

As of March 20, 2020, PDGA sanctioning will be postponed through April 30, 2020.

Disc golf takes place outdoors, and all of my local authorities recommend running, biking, and hiking as a way to stay active. Why is the PDGA asking me to skip the course and stay home?

It’s about “flattening the curve,” a means to slow the spread of the coronavirus so that our healthcare facilities can handle the influx of cases without becoming overwhelmed. Many local authorities have advised that staying home and avoiding unnecessary trips to the store, beaches, or other public venues is the best way to help this happen. While disc golf is outdoors and akin to hiking or running, it does often require travel to a course. Additionally, we have seen many reports of disc golfers congregating in groups, which goes against CDC and WHO recommendations.

Many local authorities have begun to close parks and restrict non-essential gatherings of any size as they attempt to slow the spread. In some cases, baskets are being pulled. The PDGA strongly supports a unified approach to overcoming this global health crisis, and we’re asking disc golfers to join this effort.

We know this is difficult, as many people use disc golf as an effective outlet during stressful times. However, we also want to do our part as a global organization and encourage members to be as safe as possible to help slow the spread. If everyone is out at the course, then we are not doing our part as a disc golf community to answer the call. That’s why we are asking that you skip the course and stay home -- for now. This is only temporary, and much like everything with this crisis we will be constantly evaluating this guidance and will be ready (and willing!) to alter it when it is safer to do so.

Can I have a refund on my membership?

PDGA memberships are non-refundable. However, we have received questions from members regarding extensions, credits, and other options for memberships impacted by the suspension of sanctioned play. We take these concerns seriously and will evaluate all available options once the impact of this global pandemic can be fully assessed. We appreciate your patience and understanding as this situation continues to evolve on a daily basis.

Is my tournament canceled? Must I cancel my event, or can I postpone it?

There are two options:

  1. Outright Cancel: The PDGA will cancel the event and refund the sanctioning fees.
  2. Postpone: The PDGA will mark the events as POSTPONED. Once you obtain new approved dates, let us know and we will change the dates and remove the POSTPONED marking.

Once you determine which option is best for your event, contact the PDGA Tour Staff to initiate the process. 

Can I get a refund for my insurance certificate that I already received?  

Yes, contact the PDGA Office Manager for refund requests.

Does the postponement of PDGA sanctioning affect events in my country?

Yes. The postponement of PDGA sanctioning applies to all PDGA sanctioned events around the globe.

If my event is canceled will I receive a refund for my sanctioning fees?

Yes, all canceled events receive a refund for their sanctioning fees.

Who do I contact if I need to cancel or postpone my event?

The PDGA Tour Staff (to mark the event canceled and refund sanctioning), your local parks office, PDGA State/Provincial/Country Coordinator, registered players, sponsors, etc.

Can I display the canceled or postponed status of my event on the PDGA event page to inform players of a cancellation or postponement?

Yes. Once you contact the PDGA office to have an event marked as canceled or postponed, it will display as such under “Status” on the event page.  

Is there a timeline for postponing events?

As of March 20, 2020, PDGA sanctioning will be postponed for through April 30, 2020.

Is there a date that all postponed events can schedule after, or are all postponed events encouraged to stay in a holding pattern until further notice?

At this time, PDGA sanctioning is postponed through April 30, 2020. This FAQ, as well as the PDGA’s statement on the situation, will be updated as more information becomes available. 

My ongoing league has been suspended due to the PDGA action, what are my options?

If your league has already started there are two options:

  1. Suspend play for now and resume the league once the PDGA sanctioning suspension is lifted. At that time, let the PDGA Office know your new end date.
  2. Consider the league finished with whatever weeks have already been played. Let the PDGA Office know you are finished so we can modify the end date of the league, and you will then be able to submit the report.

What if we decide to continue our event during the PDGA suspension period?

A.  In that case it is unsanctioned play, is NOT covered by the PDGA Tour insurance policy, and those rounds will not be officially reported.

How does the COVID-19 situation impact the PDGA Women's Global Event?

The PDGA Women's Global Event has been postponed indefinitely. We will seek to reschedule it soon.

I bought a PDGA WGE Players' Pack. Will I be issued a refund?

Yes. A PDGA representative will contact you to issue a refund, or you can email [email protected]

What if a PDGA Major or National Tour event is forced to cancel in 2020? 

Any National Tour event forced to cancel will be awarded to run in 2021 in lieu of the current bid process. PDGA Majors will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Will the amateur points requirements for Worlds be adjusted, based on the number of event cancellations?

Most likely. This will be assessed once the full extent of the COVID-19 impact is known. 

If an A-Tier gets rescheduled for the fall, will the PDGA force/mandate those dates?

No. A-Tiers will need to get approval from all State/Provincial/Country Coordinators within 300 miles to ensure that any new date does not conflict with already approved B- and C-Tier dates, or the event may need to run as a B-Tier.

Will manufacturers be offering refunds on player pack items purchased before an event was canceled?  

These questions should be directed to each individual manufacturer, as refund policies differ.

Does the PDGA insurance policy cover a player who feels they contracted COVID-19 while at an event?


Does the PDGA insurance policy cover litigation charges for a tournament director who is sued by a player who feels they contracted COVID-19 while at an event?

Yes – however, only for tournament directors who follow published mitigation strategies. Note: PDGA insurance only covers events in the USA and Canada.

Is there a bulk refund feature on Disc Golf Scene?

No. Refunds will have to be given to each player individually.