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Frequently Asked Questions - Regulated Routes

Yes. The mandatory line only extends to the incorrect side of the mando. There is no line on the correct side of the mando, so coming back around on that side does not change the status of the throw. You have crossed the line and have not come back across it, so you have missed the mando. Note: If your disc crossed that line and then came back across the line, you have not missed the mando. One way to think about mandos is to imagine the path of the disc as a string. Pull that string taut, then see which side of the mando it passes to.

It’s not an easy call, because the mandatory is poorly defined. Your group will first need to decide what the mandatory object is, i.e. whether one of the two upper trunks is a continuation of the lower one. Once that has been determined, your group will have to decide on which side of that object your disc passed.