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How are points awarded and players ranked in PDGA League results?

Since not all players will play each week of a league, the total score across all weeks can’t be used to do rankings, so ranking is instead done by total points earned within each division of the league. Points are awarded based on how many players a competitor either ties (including themselves) or beats within their division during EACH week of play times the points factor for that division.

We first need to figure out how many people a competitor tied or beat each week, then multiply that times the points factor for the specific division in question.

For example, let’s look at players in the MA2 division (which has a points factor of x2 for leagues) using the following scores in a hypothetical eight week league:

Player Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
John 56 57 56 59   61 58 59
George 58 56   55 57 60 59 59
Paul 63 59 60   58 59 59 60
Ringo 62 61     63 60 59 61

For the eight weeks of league, player "John" tied or did better than:

  • 4 players in week 1
  • 3 players in week 2
  • 2 players in week 3
  • 1 player in week 4
  • 0 players in week 5
  • 1 player in week 6
  • 4 players in week 7
  • 4 players in week 8

That could be otherwise written as 4+3+2+1+0+1+4+4 for a sum of 19 people that John tied or beat in his division across the eight weeks of league. John will therefore earn 19 (number of people beat or tied) x 2 (points factor for MA2) for a grand total of 38 points.

Following that same equation, the results would be as follows:

  • George tied or beat a total of 22 people and therefore earns 44 points.
  • Paul tied or beat a total of 15 people and therefore earns 30 points.
  • Ringo tied or beat a total of 11 people and therefore earns 22 points.

On the results page for this hypothetical PDGA League, these players will be ranked in MA2 by the total points that they earned:

  1. George - 44 points
  2. John - 38 points
  3. Paul - 30 points
  4. Ringo - 22 points

Please note that although this is how the PDGA awards points and represents results for all PDGA Leagues, leagues are still allowed to use many different criteria such as handicapping, and/or self-contained weekly rankings/payouts based on straight scoring for the week. Because of these many different possible ways of running leagues, the on-site league results may differ from the official PDGA League results and points awarding.

If you have any questions, please contact the Event Support Team (make sure to include a link to the League's event page).