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How do you get a new course approved for a public park?

The Course area on this website has many documents to help with approving, designing and installing a new course and is located here. Check the Disc Golf Course Designers group to see if any members are located in your area. They can help you through all steps of the process. If there’s no one on that list nearby, do a search of courses near your zip code and contact some of the people listed as contacts for those courses, especially courses in public parks. One of the first steps regardless whether you get additional help is to contact the Park Department that oversees parks in the community. Usually, there’s a master plan that has determined the future plans for park development. That will indicate which parks might be suitable for disc golf and whether the option will even be available. Depending where you live, it’s possible you’ll have different nearby parks managed by up to four different authorities such as city, county, state or federal. So you’ll potentially have to contact up to four different authorities to find out what options and properties may be available for a course.