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What’s the approximate cost to build a course?

We’ll assume the land is available already, but that’s an additional major expense if it’s not. A barebones installation with light duty baskets, natural tees and simple wooden signs and do-it-yourself design (not recommended) can be installed for about $350 per hole. A full service community course with a heavy duty basket, dual cement tee pads, nice dual tee signs and two sleeves for basket placements on each hole could run up to $1000 per hole which includes a basic design fee on a property with little clearing to be done. The per hole expense can run up to $2000 with a more deluxe installation (or more - don't get us started on huge elevated basket structures -- and, wow, waterfalls!) and the design fee could be $2000-$3000 higher if the course requires lots of fairway clearing through woods and the designer is involved in supervising that process. An added cost might be if the clearing is done by outside hired professionals versus park staff and volunteers. Additional amenities that may be considered would be an information sign board at the start of the course and benches at several or all holes. A very nice course can be installed for under $25,000 in most places where not much clearing is required, A professional course designer is a worthy investment to ensure an entertaining, safe, and manageable course. The course design fee can vary quite a bit (an 18-hole design can run anywhere from $5000 to $20,000), depending on the complexity of the site, the number and nature of course features, and the services required from the designer.