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How To Sanction a PDGA Event

Once you've completed all of the steps on the How to Plan a PDGA Event page, it's time to get your event sanctioned by the PDGA. The PDGA Event Sanctioning Agreement makes this process quick and simple, but before you get started, please make sure you have completed both of the following tasks:

US/Canada A-Tiers: Each fall, after the full Major and National Tour schedule is known for the next year, the A-Tiers are then scheduled by the PDGA Office for that entire year. In late September, an online A-Tier Request Form is made available through both a story posted on as well as an email sent to the TDs of the A-Tiers from the past two years. The form is typically available for two weeks and TDs must provide at least three possible dates for their events in order for a conflict-free schedule to be produced.

Note that In order to even be considered for A-Tier status, an event must have been run for at least several years as a successful B-Tier event that both met all Tour Standards and was also absent of player complaints. Because of their greater mileage restrictions, only a limited number of events can be A-Tiers. Therefore, not all requests for A-Tier status will be approved. Once the A-Tier schedule has been set, it is released on (typically on or about November 1st) so that PDGA State/Provisional Coordinators can begin approving TD&rsquo;s date requests for B-Tier and C-Tier events.&nbsp;At that time, the <a href="/pdga-event-sanctioning-agreement">online event sanctioning form</a> for the following year is also made available.

PDGA Event Sanctioning Agreement

The Event Sanctioning Agreement requires all of the following key pieces of information.

  • Event name and location
  • Event class (pro/am, pro only, am only)
  • Tier
  • Date(s)
  • Has the event been pre-approved by your PDGA State/Province/Country Coordinator?
  • Format
  • Maximum number of competitors
  • Number of holes to be completed
  • Event and TD contact information
  • Assistant TD contact information (if applicable)

NOTE: An event cannot be added to the Events Schedule & Results page if any of the following are true:

  • The Tournament Director has outstanding fees owed.
  • The Event has outstanding fees owed.
  • The Tournament Director’s membership is not current.
  • The Tournament Director is not a current Certified Official.
  • The sanctioning fee has not been paid.
  • The event has not been pre-approved by the State/Provincial Coordinator.

All PDGA-sanctioned events in the US and Canada are automatically insured under the PDGA Tour insurance policy. There is a $50 non-refundable fee if requesting a proof of insurance certificate. If necessary, indicate that you need to purchase a Certificate of Insurance (COI) when completing the sanctioning agreement. There is an option to add up to 3 “Additional Insured” so make sure to fill in the park, facility, or county name and physical address for each certificate that you will need.

Fill out the PDGA Event Sanctioning Agreement  »

Sanctioning Fees

After completing the Event Sanctioning Agreement, one of the following sanctioning fees will apply. Fees can be paid online using a debit/credit card or PayPal at the end of the online sanctioning process.

  • C-Tier: $50
  • B-Tier: $75
  • A-Tier: $100
  • National Tour: waived
  • Major: waived

NOTE: The fees listed above also apply to experimental PDGA events (XC-Tier, XB-Tier, XA-Tier).