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tour documents

The true spirit of organized amateur athletics is competing in a sport purely for the love of that sport and the act of competition itself.

“True Amateur” is the designation used by the Professional Disc Golf Association in reference to those amateur events, or the amateur portion of an event, which promote that true spirit of amateur athletics by presenting only trophies to the top finishers of the tournament rather than a payout in merchandise. Instead, all players in the event receive equal value through their tournament experience due to the tournament amenities that are provided.

There are several levels of sanctioned PDGA events and each level or tier has its own set of requirements and regulations based on the PDGA Tour Standards. The top levels of events, which include World Championships, PDGA Majors, National Tour events, and A-Tier events require current PDGA membership in order to participate. PDGA Majors and National Tour events also require that the competitors have passed the PDGA Certified Official Rules Exam.

Once you've completed all of the steps on the How to Plan a PDGA Event page, it's time to get your event sanctioned by the PDGA. The PDGA Event Sanctioning Agreement makes this process quick and simple, but before you get started, please make sure you have completed both of the following tasks:

The 2010 PDGA Tour has been amazing and is winding down and I know you have been anxiously awaiting the release of the 2011 Tour Standards and to begin submitting your sanctioning agreements for your 2011 events. There are several factors that contribute to the growth and success we are experiencing but there is no doubt that the primary reason is the hard working and often underappreciated tournament directors.

Please review these documents carefully as there have been some changes. All of the major changes have been noted in the 2011 Tour Standards document.