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PDGA Competition Endowment Program

The PDGA Competition Endowment Program has been created to provide a means for Tournament Directors to promote events that have traditionally been unsanctioned such as Ice Bowls and Charity events as well as events that are geared toward promoting the awareness and growth of the sport, members and association. 


This program is only available to PDGA sanctioned C-tier events occurring in the US. CEP events can fall under two categories:

  1. Charity Events 
    • Events that raise money to donate to a 501c3 entity. 
  2. Developmental Events 
    • Events promoting the awareness and growth of the sport, members and association. 

All Tournament Directors interested in running an event under the PDGA Competition Endowment Program are encouraged to participate by filling out an application form along with a completed Sanctioning Agreement. All requests for events must be received no later than 45 days prior to the event. 

Please note that all Competition Endowment events will be sanctioned as a PDGA C-Tier and must fulfill all the requirements of a PDGA C Tier.  CEP Charity events will be marked as XC due to the reduced payout. These requirements include but are not limited to the following. Please see the Tour Standards Guide and Sanctioning Agreement for a full list of requirements. 

  • Tournament Director must be a current PDGA member and certified official. 
  • Tournament Director must submit all necessary forms and fees including the sanctioning fee and the optional non-refundable proof of insurance fee along with a completed electronic TD report. 
  • All PDGA rules and policies are in effect and must be enforced. 

Benefits of Program: 

Charity Events:

  • $50 Sanctioning Fee as normal
  • $50 Proof of Insurance as normal (if needed)   
  • $2 PDGA per player fee is donated to the event charity and must be matched by the event 
  • In addition to the matched $2 PDGA per player fee, a min. of 25% of the remaining net entry fees must also be donated to event charity. 
    • Example: (based on $20 Gross Entry Fee) 

      $20 Gross Entry Fee 

         - $2 PDGA Per Player Fee 

         - $2 Player Fee Match   

      $16 Remaining Net Entry 

         - $4 25% of Remaining Net Entry Fee

      = $12 Towards Payout (C-Tier must payout 85% of this) and an $8 Charity Donation Per Player 

  • $10 non-current member fee is waived or may be charged by the TD and donated to the event charity along with the $2 PDGA per Player fee (matched by event) and 25% of remaining net entry fees. 
  • Event charity must be a 501(c)(3) entity 
  • Proof of donation must be submitted to the PDGA within 30 days of the event’s completion and must come from event charity in the form of a receipt or letter. 

Applications must be received a minimum of 45 days prior to the event!

Developmental Events:

  • $50 Sanctioning Fee as normal
  • $50 Proof of Insurance as normal (if needed)
  • $2 per player fee as normal 
  • $5 PDGA per non-current member fee instead of $10

Application approval on all or some of the following criteria: 

Geographic Location 

This category has been added to improve the geographic distribution of funding as equitable as possible. 

Event Promotion 

This category determines which events promote disc golf and the PDGA. Examples include events designed to attract Women, Junior, and New Players. 


This category has been designed to cover any additional items of merit that have not been covered by the above criteria. 

* All developmental events will be allowed to apply and participate (pending approval) in the program for a maximum of 3 years (annual events) or three events in the same location.  Events are subject to approval by the PDGA based on previous success in the program as well as annual updates or modification to the program’s application criteria.*

Applications must be received a minimum of 45 days prior to the event!