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tournament manager

The PDGA experienced a system-wide outage that affected the PDGA website, live scoring application, and event management tools on Saturday afternoon, February 24th for a little over an hour. The issue has been resolved and all systems were stable as of 4PM EST. 

The PDGA technology team will continue to monitor systems closely throughout the remainder of the weekend. 

The true spirit of organized amateur athletics is competing in a sport purely for the love of that sport and the act of competition itself.

“True Amateur” is the designation used by the Professional Disc Golf Association in reference to those amateur events, or the amateur portion of an event, which promote that true spirit of amateur athletics by presenting only trophies to the top finishers of the tournament rather than a payout in merchandise. Instead, all players in the event receive equal value through their tournament experience due to the tournament amenities that are provided.

There are several levels of PDGA-sanctioned events, referred to as Tiers. Each Tier has its own set of requirements and regulations based on the PDGA Tour Standards. Higher Tiers of events, which include World Championships, PDGA Majors, Elite Series events, A-Tier events, and (beginning January 1, 2022) B-Tier events require current PDGA membership in order to participate.

The PDGA Event Sanctioning Process

This is your step-by-step guide to sanctioning a PDGA event.  If you have questions or need any assistance with these steps or with your event, please ask [email protected].

1)  Select a date and tier then have it approved by your area’s PDGA Coordinator.