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National Disc Golf Day

National Disc Golf Day

On Saturday, August 7, 2021, thousands of disc golfers celebrated in the most appropriate fashion - by throwing discs. In PDGA sanctioned play alone, players threw 732,152 shots on 209,113 tournament holes. Casual rounds accounted for infinitely more disc golf enjoyment among family and friends across the disc golf nation. 

The PDGA #NationalDiscGolfDay Photo Contest

Hundreds of passionate disc golfers posted photos on social media showing how they celebrated #NationalDiscGolfDay. These are our favorites! And each also qualifies for a $100 shopping spree at the official PDGA store! 

Meet Evie from Edgerton, Wisconsin. She played in... and won... her first tournament ever! (Thanks for posting, David Davis.)

National Disc Golf Day Deals and Discounts

We're collecting all of the National Disc Golf Day deals we can find in one place! See one that's not on the list? Drop us a note to [email protected] and we'll add it to the list.

2020 hasn’t exactly gone as planned, right? But we’re hoping to bring the spirit back a bit this weekend with another annual installment of our favorite celebration: National Disc Golf Day, which takes place on Saturday, August 1.

And to make up for some of this year’s heartache, we’ve decided to extend the festivities with a weekend-long virtual tournament that will bring together every disc golfer in America on the same leaderboard.

Get out and throw today. Photo: PDGA

We know what you’re thinking: “How is today National Disc Golf Day when every day is National Disc Golf Day in my heart?”

Thanks to the hard work of PDGA Minnesota State Coordinator Jason Wilder #17523, former PDGA Memberships Manager Sara Nicholson #33589, and several others, the first Saturday in August was selected as the official National Disc Golf Day in the spring of 2016!

Photo of Paige Pierce and Jeremy Koling courtesy of Dynamic Discs.

It’s National Disc Golf Day! And what better way to celebrate than the opening day of the 2016 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships?! With the main event right around the corner, the first ever National Disc Golf Day kicked off with an amazing disc golf event happening simultaneously, the 2016 Pro Worlds Mixed Doubles competition at Jones Park (East) in Emporia, Kansas.

How many times have you listened to the radio and heard the DJ talking about how today is “National Junk Food Day” or “National Tape Measure Day” or “National Pet Fire Safety Day”? Those are all real National Days by the way, all of which are from earlier this month. So, why not a "National Disc Golf Day"? Surely there are as many disc golf enthusiasts as there are tape measure enthusiasts right?