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2016 PDGA Pro Disc Golf World Doubles

2016 Pro Worlds Mixed Doubles Results - (Unofficial)

Rank Teammates Total Score Cash/Value
1. Paige Pierce & Jeremy Koling 102 $350
2. Valarie Jenkins & Nathan Doss 105 $220
3. Sarah Hokom & JohnE McCray 106 $160
4. Lisa Fajkus & Matt Bell 108 $120
5. Madison Anne Walker & Zach Melton 109 $100
6. Maria Oliva & Eagle McMahon 110 $85
6. Hannah Leatherman & Nate Sexton 110 $85
8. Courtney McCoy & Kevin McCoy 112 $70
9. Vanessa Van de Venter & Greg Barsby 113 $60
10. Natalie Hollokoei & Patrick Blazek 117 $37
10. Denise Cameron & Eric McCabe 117 $37
10. Michelle Frazer & Joe Mela 117 $37

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Round 1

Modified Best Shot

  • The format for the first round is Modified Best Shot where both partners may throw from the tee, but at no time may a single partner’s tee shot be used for three consecutive holes. If one partner’s tee shot has been used for two consecutive holes, the other partner’s tee shot MUST be used on the next hole.
  • After the tee-off, both partners throw the next shot and the rest of the hole is completed using regular Best Shot format where the team determines which partner’s lie to throw from.
  • The scorecard contains an area to easily keep track of which partner’s tee shot was used on each hole.
  • Using the same partner’s shot on a third consecutive hole is considered a misplay and a two throw penalty will be assessed.

Round 2

Modified Alternate Shot

  • The format for the second round is Modified Alternate Shot where the tee shot alternates between the two team members.
  • After the Tee off, the partners alternate shots just as in normal Alternate Shot.
  • Which partner tees off on each hole is designated on the scorecard.
  • Using the wrong partner’s shot on any hole is considered a misplay and a two throw penalty will be assessed.

Download 2016 Pro Worlds Mixed Doubles Scorecards and Information PDFs.