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2018 National Tour

2018 National Tour

Throw-by-throw videos produced and edited by JomezPro, Central Coast Disc Golf, and The Disc Golf Guy.

Sarah Hokom and her caddy waiting to throw during the final round of the 2018 DDGC. Photo: Tina Oakley

Two days and 35 holes into the 2018 Delaware Disc Golf Challenge, Sarah Hokom had yet to capture the lead from the very recently crowned world champion  Paige Bjerkaas. However, on the 18th hole of Saturday's second round, a birdie against Bjerkaas' bogey finally put Hokom at the top of the leaderboard. 

Sarah Hokom crushing a forehand drive off the tee at Iron Hill. Photo: Chad "Corduroy" LeFevre

Paige Bjerkaas is sitting in first place, one ahead of Sarah Hokom, after the 2018 Delaware Disc Golf Challenge's opening round. Photo: Matt Gregoire 

On the same land that was once the site of The Battle of Iron Hill, the 1777 Revolutionary War engagement between 800 American and 2,000 British soldiers, a different kind of battle has begun.

Trophies being displayed at the 2018 San Francisco Open (left) and the 2017 Ed Headrick Hall of Fame Classic (right) that ProActive Sports Disc Golf engraved and provided. Photos: DGPT / PDGA

In a milestone year, 2017 saw a 15% jump in active PDGA membership. Tournaments have seen a 13% increase this past year to keep up with the sport’s rapid growth. As disc golf gains momentum and further recognition in the sports community, the stakes are higher than ever to create a seamless tournament experience. Between the course prep, registration, staffing and merchandising, balancing the process components can have its challenges.