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2016 Am Worlds

2016 Am Worlds

Izak McDonald being interviewed by Terry "The Disc Golf Guy" Miller after becoming the 2016 Advanced Amateur Disc Golf World Champion. Photo by AJ Risley.

The last day of a world championship is always two things: the most exciting day, and the most exhausting day. The staff and volunteers here in Madison, Wisconsin have done an absolutely incredible job in not only preparing and organizing, but in executing one of the most complex if not the most complex disc golf events of all time. Nearly 600 players were involved broken into 19 divisions and 13 pools. Not to mention the five courses that were all kept in pristine condition each and every day.

All PDGA Amateur & Junior Disc Golf World Championships information can be found at

With a majority of the field being cut after the rounds came to an end at the 2016 PDGA Amateur & Junior Disc Golf World Championships yesterday afternoon, it was a sad day for many, but a very exciting day for a few. The competitors that did make the cut have already played 108 holes on five different courses here in Madison, Wisconsin, facing high temperatures and humidity, gusting winds, and occasional rain. Yet they push on, fighting for the coveted title of PDGA World Champion.

Isaac Robinson #50670 teeing off on Hole 1 at Hiestand as the leader in the Advanced division. Photo by AJ Risley.

Three days, four rounds, and four courses down, and yet there is still so much action and excitement coming up here at the 2016 PDGA Amateur & Junior Disc Golf World Championships in Madison, Wisconsin! Today will be the last chance for the many individuals on the cusp to move up, or get cut, as Semifinals and Finals are all that will remain after today’s rounds.

Jesse Bickley #68357 of the Junior 19 & Under division during Round 2 at Bird's Ruins. Bickley finished with a 69 (-14) to tie for the hot round of the day at Bird Ruins which included A-pool competitors.
Photo by A.J. Risley.

Photo of Jason Butina at Token Creek during Round 1. Photo by A.J. Risley.

The 2016 Am Worlds main event began yesterday as the 576 players from nine countries and 40 states/provinces took to the courses around Madison, WI. The morning round was dreary, as overcast and light rain made the courses and tee pads slippery. That wouldn’t last long, as the afternoon brought plenty of sunshine, high temperatures, and even higher humidity.

Bird’s Ruins

  • Holes 1 and 4
    • There are a total of three foot bridges on Holes 1 and 4 at Bird’s Ruins.  Those bridges are a declared secondary playing surface, so if you land on the bridge you are safe, but if you are in the creek under the bridge, you are OB.
  • Hole 4
    • The creek is OB, that note is online, but was dropped off the printed Caddybook.
  • Hole 18
    • In case you practiced earlier last week, please note the target for Hole 18 was moved to the correct tournament location at midday on Friday.  It is clearly visible from the Tee.

Capital Springs

  • Holes 12, 13, & 14

Photo of Joe Rawling #42974 during Round 2 of 2016 Am Worlds Mixed Doubles.

The PDGA Amateur & Junior Disc Golf World Championships (Am Worlds) is still and always been considered a family reunion of sorts. It’s a chance each year for hundreds of amateur disc golfers to reunite with the friends and fellow competitors they’ve met over the years, all while competing on amateur disc golf’s biggest stage. One of this sport’s greatest pulls is the sense of community that surrounds it; the feeling that you are part of something inexplicably bigger than the sport itself. If any event were to be the shining example of that concept, it’s Am Worlds.  

Downhill 430' Hole 3 at Hiestand Park.

In the last few days, hundreds of the best amateur and junior disc golfers in the world have made the trek to Madison, Wisconsin to get ready for the five-day pursuit towards the coveted title of PDGA Amateur or PDGA Junior Disc Golf World Champion. In the days to come, even more will arrive, as the true competition itself doesn’t begin until Tuesday. Those that have come to practice the courses early may have a slight advantage, but that in no way means they are guaranteed to outplay their competitors on the five courses being used for the event.

The following approved discs are NOT eligible to be used in the 2016 PDGA Amateur and Junior World Championships, as they were not approved prior to 30 days before the event.

  • DGA Pipeline
  • Element Lithium
  • Reptilian Tyrant

Saturday, July 16th:

  • 8:00: Semi Finals (see semi and finals numbers and tie-breaker information)
    • Bird's Ruins: Advanced (MA1)
    • Hiestand: Advanced Masters (MM1) and Advanced Grandmasters (MG1)
    • Vallarta-Ast DGC at Token Creek: Advanced Women (FA1), Advanced Senior Grandmasters ​(MS1), Junior I-III Boys (MJ1, MJ2, MJ3)
  • Finals at Token Creek (Holes 19-27)
    Tee Times (tentative) Divisions
    10:30 Junior III Girls (FJ3) - 2 & Junior IV Girls (FJ4) - 2

The pool assignments for the 2016 PDGA Amateur and Junior Disc Golf World Championships in Madison, Wisconsin have been posted. 

See the 2016 Amateur Worlds information page at for complete information including schedules, directions to all venues, course assignments, etc.

We apologize for the issues with Am Worlds Registration, Disc Golf Scene is working on the issue, but due to the problems we have decided to delay registration until a future date.

Please note that the site crashed before anyone was able to register, so no one has received an unfair advantage.

We will announce a new registration time for some time next week once the technical issues have been resolved.

Again, we apologize for the issues.



Andrew “Big Dog” Sweeton

Tour Manager

Professional Disc Golf Association

The Crowne Plaza Madison is offering discounted rates for attendees of the 2016 Am Worlds. If you are making reservations by phone (888) 233-9527, remember to ask for the “PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships Block.” To book online, go to the Crowne Plaza Madison's 2016 Am Worlds discount reservation page.

Note: To receive the discounted rate, you must book your reservation on or before June 24th, 2016.

As of 1:00pm EDT on April 1, 2016, all 2016 Pro Worlds Invitees and 2016 Am & Jr. Worlds Invitees with valid email addresses on file have been sent their official invitation by email.

If you did not receive an invitation email, see below:

Update Monday, July 11th: Please see announcement concerning course rules changes that were not included in the published course maps & rules below. 

The preliminary rounds will be held at five courses in Greater Madison. Three of the courses have 18 holes and two have 27 holes for a total of 108 holes of competition before the cut to the semifinals and finals. Everyone will play each course once during the preliminary rounds except for those in divisions that play 72 holes during the prelims.

The ace pot stands at an estimated $2,845 and will be split amongst all players hitting an ace. The individual estimated payouts listed below will change based on the number of aces hit during the singles competition throughout the week. Checks will be mailed out the week of July 18th.

Event Info

  • Date: Sunday, July 10, 2016

Field Events


Amateur Mixed Doubles Results - (Unofficial)

Rank Teammates Total Score Cash/Value
1. Kristy Moore & Joseph Rawling 106 $230
2. Kona Panis & Gavin Rathbun 106 $190
3. Jennie Cartwright & David Jackson

Download Event Schedule and Course Assignments »

Event Schedule

*All times listed below are in Central Daylight Time (CDT).

The 2016 PDGA Disc Golf World Championships are right around the corner and the invitation lists are now published for both the Amateur & Junior Disc Golf World Championships and the Professional Disc Golf World Championships. You can find the lists along with other relative documents on the PDGA World Championships page.

The PDGA recently updated the Junior division age breaks for events that take place in 2016 and beyond, as detailed in the 2016 PDGA Tour Standards document. The information below details the transition process for events that existed prior to this update, specifically those events with qualification criteria based on the original age breaks from the 2015 Tour Standards.  

The invitation criteria have been posted for both 2016 PDGA World Championships. If you wish to earn an invite for Worlds in 2016, please thoroughly read the criteria to understand the requirements.

2016 PDGA Amateur & Junior Disc Golf World Championships in Madison, Wisconsin on July 9-16, 2016

2016 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships in Emporia, Kansas on August 6-13, 2016