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Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events

3.01 General

Last updated: Sunday, December 31, 2023 - 18:11

  1. All PDGA members should refrain from any conduct which is detrimental to the game of disc golf and to the PDGA, both on and off the course.
  2. All players must abide by the Official Rules of Disc Golf and the Competition Manual.
  3. Devices capable of making audible sound or flashing light must not make audible sound or flashing light from the two-minute signal until the scorecard is submitted.
    1. If a player’s device makes audible sound or flashing light, it is a courtesy violation (see 812, Courtesy). However, the use of a device deemed medically necessary by the player’s physician, such as a glucose monitor, shall not be a courtesy violation.
    2. Devices that make audible sound must be used exclusively with headphones or earbuds, and the volume must be kept at a level that:
      1. cannot be heard by other players;
      2. allows the player to effectively interact with their group, such as scorekeeping or looking for lost discs; and
      3. does not create a safety hazard for player due to the inability to hear warning signals by other players or tournament staff.
    3. Failure to effectively interact with the playing group as required by rule due to the use of headphones or earbuds is considered a courtesy violation (see 812, Courtesy).
  4. Animals may not accompany players with the exception of players whose disability or medical condition requires the use of a legally-defined service animal. Players are required to notify the Tournament Director of legally-defined service animal usage during play.
  5. The PDGA reserves the right to determine and enforce further disciplinary action upon its players and members, which may result in probation or suspension from PDGA-sanctioned events or permanent loss of PDGA membership. For more information see the PDGA Disciplinary Process.