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PDGA Radio News debuted in 2004 as an online radio program at a time when use of the term "podcast" was in its nascent stages. Originally created by Brian Sullivan #14015 as a service for PDGA members and other disc golf enthusiasts, this innovative program delivered a 20-minute audio broadcast on a weekly basis. Listeners could tune in and find a new show jam-packed with fast-paced, up-to-the-minute, professionally produced content all about disc golf. Brian was your host from 2004 through 2006 and, after a year hiatus, Steve Kuzenski #29027 took over the mic from 2008 up until December 2010. In 2018, Steve Hill #103842 and Sara Lamberson #41012 reinvented the show as an hour-long program discussing all the latest on the professional scene.

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PDGA Radio: June 19, 2019

Steve and Sara take a look back at a surprisingly busy slate of weekend A-Tiers on this week’s episode of PDGA Radio, including the Zoo Town Open (4:47), the Kansas City Wide Open (10:37), and The Majestic (14:05). Jenny San Filippo of Ladies First Disc Golf stops by to share her successes in recruiting more women to the sport (21:50).

PDGA Radio: June 13, 2019

We’re looking back at a big weekend on the PDGA National Tour with a big episode of PDGA Radio! First, Steve and Sara talk ratings update day (5:20) and offer up congratulations to new U.S. Amateur Champion Kyle Klein, who is cut from the same cloth as some elite pros (10:35).

PDGA Radio: June 5, 2019

It’s Beaver State Fling week on PDGA Radio! First, Steve and Sara chat about the PDGA Board of Directors candidates ahead of July’s elections (1:40). From there, they’re focused on the Fling (6:10), including the tournament’s penchant for playoffs (7:20), contenders in each division (9:15), and media coverage (18:40).

PDGA Radio: May 28, 2019

Steve and Sara break down the action from the past weekend’s Portland Open on this week’s episode of PDGA Radio. First, it’s the MPO battle, where Drew Gibson and Eagle McMahon made improbable playoff runs from the chase card (2:42).

PDGA Radio: May 23, 2019

It’s time to break down the Santa Cruz Masters Cup on this episode of PDGA Radio. First, Steve and Sara discuss Garrett Gurthie’s dominant finish (1:20) before playing his post-round interview from Sunday (9:47). Then it's on to the performances in the Open division (17:47). Catrina Allen, meanwhile, just keeps winning (23:15).

PDGA Radio: May 14, 2019

Congratulations are in order this week on PDGA Radio, as Steve and Sara chat PDGA Players of the Year and Rookies of the Year (1:00). From there the hosts recap the San Francisco Open, as Catrina Allen continued her hot streak (4:30) and Ricky Wysocki laid down a vintage performance (18:40).

PDGA Radio: May 7, 2019

Steve Hill and Sara Lamberson run down the weekend slate of A-Tiers on this episode of PDGA Radio, including course feedback from the Utah Open and how it relates to 2020 Pro Worlds (6:25); Thomas Gilbert’s breakout win at the Challenge at Goat Hill (16:18), and the hosts’ points picks from the 303 Open (22:55).

PDGA Radio: April 30, 2019

We can’t get enough Glass Blown Open, so let’s break it down on this week’s episode of PDGA Radio! First, a reminder that it’s PDGA election season if you’re looking to make a difference and be a Board Member of State/Provincial Coordinator (2:20).

PDGA Radio: April 22, 2019

We’re getting ready for the Glass Blown Open on this week’s episode of PDGA Radio! First, Steve and Sara run down the weekend’s hot rounds (1:12), then they talk the nitty gritty on the second PDGA National Tour event of 2019 (13:29), including details on course changes at the Emporia Country Club and how to watch the coverage.

PDGA Radio: April 16, 2019

There’s plenty to cover on this week’s episode of PDGA Radio! First, Steve and Sara are looking for questions for the Glass Blown Open pro player panel, and one lucky listener who joins in is going to win a basket (2:45)! The hosts then recap the weekend’s Amateur World Doubles Championship (6:05) before welcoming Paul McBeth (15:05), who just jumped to the top of the PDGA career money list.

PDGA Radio: April 9, 2019

Disc Golf Hall of Famer Elaine King joins the show to talk about her role on the PDGA medical committee, the state of the women's game, and more. 

PDGA Radio: April 2, 2019

We're not fooling around on this week's episode of PDGA Radio, as Catrina Allen joins the show and Steve and Sara talk National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships.

PDGA Radio: March 26, 2019

March Madness comes to PDGA Radio! It's time for the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships, and Tournament Director John Baker stops by before Sara shares her fond memories of college disc golf. Steve chats with Colorado State Coordinator Ray Woodruff to get the lay of the land in the Rocky Mountains, including strong gains in women’s disc golf.

PDGA Radio: March 20, 2019

Alex Russell joins the show to talk about his disc golf origins, and Ricky Wysocki shares his experience bringing the sport to an addiction recovery center. Plus plenty of talk on the Waco Annual Charity Open.

PDGA Radio: March 13, 2019

Vanessa Van Dyken joins the show for a wide-ranging interview about what it’s like for a woman to tour solo, her life before disc golf, and celebrity crushes. Steve and Sara preview the Waco Annual Charity Open and make their picks. Plus a look at the PDGA Upcoming Events Map.

PDGA Radio: March 5, 2019

Steve and Sara break down Eveliina Salonen and Eagle McMahon's Memorial victories and give their take on the Disc Golf Pro Tour's media growing pains.

PDGA Radio: March 1, 2019

Calvin Heimburg joins PDGA Radio to talk about his first career PDGA National Tour victory at the Las Vegas Challenge, and Steve and Sara make their picks for the Memorial Championship!

PDGA Radio: February 19, 2019

Disc Golf Hall of Fame Member Des Reading stops by to talk about her new role as the PDGA youth and education coordinator. Later, Steve and Sara preview the PDGA National Tour opener, the Las Vegas Challenge!

PDGA Radio: February 13, 2019

Eagle McMahon joins this week’s episode of PDGA Radio to talk offseason training, his 2019 outlook, and his surprising take on the upcoming Pokemon film (2:02).

PDGA Radio: January 31, 2019

2015 United States Women’s Disc Golf Champion Hannah Leatherman joins this week’s episode of PDGA Radio to talk about her sojourn to Africa for the inaugural Zambia Open.

PDGA Radio: January 23, 2019

Four-time PDGA World Champion Paige Pierce returns to the show this week (1:40) to discuss her travels to Croatia, her Disc Golf Tourist video series, and how she’s planning to add more media to her repertoire in 2019. Later, Steve and Sara open up the listener mailbag (31:45) to answer questions about Board of Directors processes, tournament sponsorship, and video replay.

PDGA Radio: January 18, 2019

Two-time PDGA World Champion Ricky Wysocki stops by to talk about his new sponsorship deal and his offseason hangouts with celebrities. PDGA Events Manager Shawn Sinclair gives us his take on what he looks for in a great tournament and shares his fondest memories from his former life as a touring professional.

PDGA Radio: January 8, 2019

Sarah Hokom joins the show to chat about her move to MVP Disc Sports and her offseason job hanging Christmas lights in Texas, and Steve and Sara share their disc golf resolutions for 2019.

PDGA Radio: December 19, 2018

It’s the last PDGA Radio episode of 2018! PDGA Board of Directors President Justin Menickelli joins the show for a wide-ranging discussion on the new rules and competition manual updates.

PDGA Radio: December 4, 2018

We've got the latest in offseason player moves, as Kevin Jones and Paul Ulibarri both join the show to talk their 2019 homes. Plus chatter on Eagle McMahon, media, and more.

PDGA Radio: November 28, 2018

Steve Hill and Sara Lamberson discuss the new goodies on player statistics pages, welcome back the pro tip with the help of PDGA World Champion Paige Bjerkaas, and chat about making a Ricky Wysocki versus Paul McBeth match play event a reality.

PDGA Radio: November 20, 2018

In his first long-form interview since switching sponsors, four-time PDGA World Champion Paul McBeth confirms the details of his new contract and opens up about why he decided to move on. The California pro also talks getting the blessing of new teammate Nate Doss and the impact the move can have on other players and the sport as a whole.

PDGA Radio: November 8, 2018

Time for some offseason chatter on PDGA Radio! Steve and Sara talk the Paul McBeth/Innova Discs parting of ways and Simon Lizotte's contract extension with Discmania before handing out some very (un)official awards.

PDGA Radio: October 23, 2018

Chris Dickerson and Sarah Hokom join the show to talk about the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship, and Steve and Sara look at the final-round drama that unfolded on hole 15.

PDGA Radio: October 10, 2018

Paul McBeth joins the show to talk about his second career USDGC title, and Steve and Sara look ahead to the Ed Headrick Disc Golf Hall of Fame Classic as we close out the PDGA National Tour season.