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PDGA Radio News debuted in 2004 as an online radio program at a time when use of the term "podcast" was in its nascent stages. Originally created by Brian Sullivan #14015 as a service for PDGA members and other disc golf enthusiasts, this innovative program delivered a 20-minute audio broadcast on a weekly basis. Listeners could tune in and find a new show jam-packed with fast-paced, up-to-the-minute, professionally produced content all about disc golf. Brian was your host from 2004 through 2006 and, after a year hiatus, Steve Kuzenski #29027 took over the mic from 2008 up until December 2010. In 2018, Steve Hill #103842 and Sara Lamberson #41012 reinvented the show as an hour-long program discussing all the latest on the professional scene.

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PDGA Radio Program: 11/11/08

November 1, 2008: This week's edition has results from last weekend's tournament action, a look at the newly released 2009 National Tour and Major Tournament schedule, along with a bonus edition of a 60-second clinic and the rest of your disc golf news.

PDGA Radio Program: 11/4/08

November 4, 2008: PDGA Radio welcomes you to another exciting edition of disc golf's only weekly news update, this week we'll talk with Mike Barnett about this season's final Major, the Players Cup, we'll also take a look at the National Tour points series standings heading into the final event. There's also some results from this past weekend, a look at this upcoming weekend's schedule, and mo

PDGA Radio Program: 10/27/08

October 27, 2008: This week's program has some results from this past weekends tournament action, along with your disc golf news that includes which players have new sponsorship deals, what new discs will be available for your Christmas lists and how a boy scout made it his mission to get a disc golf course installed in his hometown.

PDGA Radio Program: 10/21/08

October 21, 2008: PDGA Radio returns this week with an update on the new PDGA website, the Microtel Disc Golfer of the Year winner, along with some tournament results and a preview of the weekend ahead.

PDGA Radio Program: 10/6/08

USDGC and World Rankings October 6, 2008: This week PDGA Radio has results from the USDGC along with the new World Rankings to reflect those results. We'll also talk about some of the other events on the PDGA schedule and remind you about PDGA memberships and renewals.

PDGA Radio Program: 10/1/08

USDGC Update and Parked October 1, 2008: This week's slightly delayed episode has an update from day 1 at the USDGC, also an interview with the owner of Parked Disc Golf apparel, along with the latest Microtel Disc Golfer of Distinction winner, your disc golf news, tournament results, and more.

PDGA Radio Program: 9/22/08

History Making Weekend for the Women September 22, 2008: This week's edition of PDGA Radio has results from the U.S. Women's Championships, and the DGTV Fall Open, along with information on some new disc golf websites.

PDGA Radio Program: 9/15/08

September 15, 2008: Another PDGA Major has been played with more on the way in the coming weeks. This week's program will have results for the U.S. Masters Championships, a preview of the U.S. Women's Championships, and a look at the rest of the PDGA schedule. PDGA Radio also went searching to find out what new and interesting things the various disc golf manufacturers have been up to.

PDGA Radio Program: 9/8/08

Putter Designs & Ratings Update September 8, 2008: This week's program brings you an interview with Dave McCormack (Gateway Disc Sports) and we'll talk about different putter designs and how to find the one that will best work for you. I'll also talk about the latest ratings update, tell you about the newest Microtel Disc Golfer of Distinction and rundown the results from last weekend.

PDGA Radio Program: 9/1/08

September 1, 2008: Coming your way on this edition are some results from this past weekend including the European Championships and the Southern National Championships, also some quick news items from throughout the disc golf world, and a preview of some tournaments taking place in Illinois over the next two weekends, which includes an interview with Dave McCormack.

PDGA Radio Program: 8/26/08

August 26, 2008: This week's PDGA Radio has results from the past weekend, the new standings for this season's money and points races, another interview with Amateur World Champion Jeremy Koling. We'll also preview the 2008 World's DVD and tell you how you can help one man's dream of seeing Disc Golf in the Olympics.

PDGA Radio Program: 8/19/08

August 19, 2008: This edition will again recap the 2008 World Championships and give a rundown of all 21 World Champions. We'll also hear from Juliana Korver, Valarie Jenkins, and Jeremy Koling. We also talk briefly about the USDGC and I look at the PDGA Calendar for tournament results and a preview of the upcoming weekend.

PDGA Radio Program: 8/17/08

Reaction from the new World Champions August 17, 2008: The 2008 PDGA World Championships have been completed and PDGA Radio is here with the final results and reaction from the winners and organizers; among others, reaction from 1st time world champion David Feldberg, two time women's world champion Valarie Jenkins and the advanced amateur champion Jeremy Koling.

PDGA Radio Program: 8/16/08

Special Worlds Report: Preview of Saturday's Final Day August 16, 2008: Just one day left of competition for the 2008 Disc Golf World Championships, PDGA Radio is here to keep you up to date with the Disc Nation leaderboard and the schedule for Saturday's semi-final and final rounds, also there is a winner to announce for this year's DGA basket giveaway, I'll tell you where you could soon be se

PDGA Radio Program: 8/15/08

Worlds: Hall of Fame Inductees, 2007 Season Awards, and Worlds Leaderboard August 15, 2008: Today's special edition will update the Disc Nation leaderboard for the professionals and amateurs at the PDGA World Championships, we'll also recap last night's PDGA Banquet, where the 2007 season awards were announced and two new members were inducted into the Disc Golf Hall of Fame.

PDGA Radio Program: 8/12/08

August 12, 2008: PDGA Radio is broadcasting from the 2008 PDGA World Championships with results from day one in Michigan and the distance contest's results. Also a look at the results from some other tournament action last weekend and otherwise keeping you up to date with disc golf's largest event.

PDGA Radio Program: 8/11/08

Players Meeting & Mixed Doubles Results August 11, 2008: This special edition recaps the players meeting from Sunday night, gives results from the past weekend's side events, in which the events first World Championship trophies were earned. We'll also look at the weather forecast and the rest of the week ahead.

PDGA Radio Program: 8/8/08

World's Preview Show August 8, 2008: This is the first of six special PDGA Radio episodes that will be available throughout the upcoming week as part of an expanded effort by PDGA Media to fully cover this historical event.

PDGA Radio Program: 8/4/08

August 4, 2008: This week's edition highlights the previous weekend's tournament results, and the recently completed PDGA elections, we'll also tell you how you can host a National Tour Event in 2009 and how PDGA Radio will help keep you updated with special coverage of the 2008 World Championships.

PDGA Radio Program: 7/28/08

July 28, 2008: This week's episode has results from the Vibram Open at Maple Hill, a preview of the upcoming week's tournament action, and an interview with Kevin Dowd, Assistant Tournament Director for the 2008 Disc Golf World Championships, who will help us preview the event and pass along some important deadline reminders.

PDGA Radio Program: 07/21/08

Scandinavian Open Results & More Worlds Coverage July 21, 2008: The countdown to the World Championships now shows less than three weeks, and already some divisions are full! To ease your pain; please enjoy results from the Scandinavian Open and two A-tiers, along with a putting clinic and some disc golf news.

PDGA Radio Program: 7/14/08

July 14, 2008: This week's episode has results from the most recent National Tour Stop, this past weekend's Brent Hambrick Memorial Open in Ohio, also the newest Microtel Disc Golfer of Distinction winner, news about a new disc manufacturer, and a new discount for PDGA members at hotels worldwide.

PDGA Radio Program: 7/7/08

July 7, 2008: This week's edition of PDGA Radio has results from the past week, a look ahead at the upcoming schedule, including the upcoming weekend's Brent Hambrick Memorial Open in Ohio. Also some disc golf news and reminders, and tips on finding a place to stay while at the 2008 Pro/Am World Championships.

PDGA Radio Program: 7/1/08

July 1, 2008: This is another week of PDGA Radio, I'm your host Steve Kuzenski bringing you the results from this past weekend's action, along with your disc golf news, the latest Microtel disc golfer of distinction award winner, an update for this years points and money leaders and a sneak peek at the week ahead.

PDGA Radio Program: 6/23/08

June 23, 2008: This week's program has results from the two major events on the pdga schedule along with the couple dozen others across held across the world over the past week.

PDGA Radio Program: 6/16/08

June 16, 2008: This week's episode has the results from California and the Golden State Classic NT event, along with an interview with Kevin Dowd, the assistant tournament director for the 2008 Pro/Am Disc Golf World Championships. We'll also take a brief glimpse at disc golf in Japan and highlight the latest player rating's update.

PDGA Radio Program: 6/9/08

June 9, 2008: This week's program has the results from the Kansas City Wide Open National Tour stop, along with news on the EDGE program, Pro/Am Worlds, the latest update on this season's money and points standings, a look ahead at the Japan Open and the U.S. Amateur Championships, and disc golf news from all over the place.

PDGA Radio Program: 6/2/08

June 2, 2008: This week I have in-depth coverage of the PDGA's National Tour Stop in the Twin Cities for the 21st annual Minnesota Majestic sponsored by Summit Brewing, also results from across the rest of the disc golf world, an elections reminder, an update on this years World Championships event, a 60-second clinic on putting, preview of this upcoming weekends next National tour stop in Kans

PDGA Radio Program: 5/26/08

May 26, 2008: we're basically half way thru the national tour season so on this week's program I'll get you the latest update for the Woodchuck Cider Drive for the Championship standings along with results from this past weekends tournament action, we'll take a look inside the bag of one of the world's hottest players to find out what he's been throwing, and we'll get a preview of this upcoming

PDGA Radio Program: 5/18/08

May 18, 2008: This week, results from this past weekends National Tour stop in Oklahoma, along with the newly released list of candidates for this years board of directors election, other results from across the disc golf world and a 60-second clinic on how to gain more distance on your drives.