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PDGA Radio News debuted in 2004 as an online radio program at a time when use of the term "podcast" was in its nascent stages. Originally created by Brian Sullivan #14015 as a service for PDGA members and other disc golf enthusiasts, this innovative program delivered a 20-minute audio broadcast on a weekly basis. Listeners could tune in and find a new show jam-packed with fast-paced, up-to-the-minute, professionally produced content all about disc golf. Brian was your host from 2004 through 2006 and, after a year hiatus, Steve Kuzenski #29027 took over the mic from 2008 up until December 2010. In 2018, Steve Hill #103842 and Sara Lamberson #41012 reinvented the show as an hour-long program discussing all the latest on the professional scene.

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PDGA Radio Program: 03/21/05

March 21, 2005: Former World Champ Vanessa Chambers tells us why she and a handful of other women disc golfers are revitalizing the PDGA Women's Committee and are working to create a Web space exclusively for the ladies; Al Schack is back to explain how he takes advantage of differently-weighted drivers in the 60-Second Clinic; plus results from last weekend's St.

PDGA Radio Program: 03/14/05

March 14, 2005: Double Vision! Results from Pro World Doubles in Texas, and four-time World Doubles Champ Kevin McCoy will share his insight into how to make the doubles format work for you; Al Schack explains how he masters the flight characteristics of his new discs in the 60-Second Clinic; plus a preview of this weekend's St. Patrick's Classic in California.

PDGA Radio Program: 03/07/05

March 7, 2005:  Results from the 2005 National Tour kickoff at The Memorial in Arizona; Al Schack has another wet weather disc golf product in the 60-Second Clinic; plus a preview of this weekend's Pro World Doubles in Texas, and Communications Director Terry Calhoun fills us in on what happened at last week's PDGA Summit meetings.

PDGA Radio Program: 02/28/05

February 28, 2005: Sports Psychologist Dr. Betsy Shoenfelt explains how the power of visualization can shave strokes off of your scorecard; Al Schack has a hot new product to tell you about in the 60-Second Clinic; plus results from the Gentleman's Club Challenge in Vegas, and a preview of this weekend's National Tour opening event, The Memorial in Arizona.

PDGA Radio Program: 02/21/05

February 21, 2005: Results from the Z Boaz Open in Ft. Worth, Texas; Al 'Sugar' Schack will help you drive further into a headwind in the 60-Second Clinic; a preview of this weekend's Gentleman's Club Challenge in Vegas; and PDGA Tour Manager David Gentry tells us what's on tap for the 2005 National Tour.

PDGA Radio Program: 02/14/05

February 14, 2005: Results from the Cross Canyon Challenge in Brooksville Florida; Al 'Sugar' Schack will help you take advantage of a tailwind in the 60-Second Clinic; a preview of this weekend's ZBoaz Open in Fort Worth Texas; and we'll introduce you Wisconsin's Chris Heeren, who finished 15th in the Open Division at the 2004 Worlds.

PDGA Radio Program: 11/15/04

November 15, 2004: In our last PDGA Radio program of the season, you'll find results from the US Masters Disc Golf Championships in Los Angeles; Todd Branch serves up more hot tips for cold winter rounds in the 60-Second Clinic; and we'll introduce you the PDGA's new employees: Tour Manager David Gentry, and National Disc Golf Center Office Assistant Matt Gillis.

PDGA Radio Program: 11/08/04

November 8, 2004: Results from the Veterans Park Open in Arlington Texas, and a look ahead to this weekend's US Masters Championships. Todd Branch serves up some hot tips for cold winter rounds in the 60-Second Clinic, and we'll introduce you to this year's crop of candidates for a seat on the PDGA Board of Directors.

PDGA Radio Program: 10/25/04

October 25, 2004: Results from the Texas State Championships, and a look ahead to this weekend's Oklahoma Open in Tulsa. You'll find putting practice tips from Todd Branch in the 60-Second Clinic, and we'll talk course design with the world's preeminent disc golf course designer, John Houck.

PDGA Radio Program: 10/18/04

October 18, 2004: The Return of the King! Ken Climo tears it up at the United States Disc Golf Championship; plus we chow down on a big heaping plate of scandal by revealing the truth behind the recent PDGA Disciplinary Committee action against 2001 World Champ Cameron Todd.

PDGA Radio Program: 10/11/04

October 11, 2004: It's the end of the Two Meter Rule! PDGA Rules Committee Chairman Carlton Howard explains when and how this controversial rule will change; results from the Disc Landing Fall Finale in Charlotte; Cameron Todd talks putting basics in the 60-Second Clinic; plus a preview of this weekend's United States Disc Golf Championship in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

PDGA Radio Program: 10/04/04

October 4, 2004: Snapper Pierson talks about the success of his pay-to-play course at Morley Field in San Diego, and how pay-to-play might (or might not) work in other communities; results from the Old Dominion Showdown in Virginia; Larry LaBond talks about strategy and disc selection on tight fairways in the 60-Second Clinic; plus a preview of this weekend's Disc Landing Fall Finale in Charlot

PDGA Radio Program: 09/27/04

September 27, 2004: Keith Watson explains how disc golf has vastly improved a troubled park in Eureka CA; results from the US Women's Disc Golf Championships; Mike 'Worm' Young explains why your disc is flying off to the left in the 60-Second Clinic; plus a preview of this weekend's Old Dominion Showdown in Spotsylvania, VA.

PDGA Radio Program: 09/20/04

September 20, 2004: Disc Golf Hall of Famer David Greenwell sits down with us to talk about becoming a grandmaster, the growth of disc golf and some of his favorite courses; plus a preview of this weekend's United States Women's Disc Golf Championships in Peoria.

PDGA Radio Program: 09/13/04

September 13, 2004: Results from the US Amateur Championships and the Japan Open; be better prepared for your next tournament with tips from Mike 'Worm' Young in the 60-Second Clinic; a preview of this weekend's Brandywindjammer in Delaware, and our sports psychologist pal Dr.

PDGA Radio Program: 09/06/04

September 6, 2004: Results from the West Virginia Open; Larry Leonard has some tips to help you play better in the rain in the 60-Second Clinic; a preview of this weekend's United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship, and J.

PDGA Radio Program: 08/30/04

August 30, 2004: Results from the Beaver State Fling in Portland; Mike 'Worm' Young has tips for improving your driving accuracy and distance in the 60-Second Clinic; a preview of this weekend's West Virginia Open in Paw Paw, and five-time Women's World Champ Elaine King talks with us about collared shirts, disc selection and more.

PDGA Radio Program: 08/23/04

August 23, 2004: Results from the Mad City Open in Madison, Wisconsin; Carrie 'Burl' Berlogar has tips for establishing your tournament game plan in the 60-Second Clinic; a preview of this weekend's Beaver State Fling SuperTour event in Portland Oregon, and meet Brian Schweberger, the nicest guy to ever whoop your butt on the course.

PDGA Radio Program: 08/16/04

August 16, 2004: Worlds wrap up! Results from all divisions at the 2004 Pro/Am World Championships in Des Moines; tips from Larry Leonard will improve your putting practice in the 60-Second Clinic; and Worlds co-TD Becky Zallek talks about what it takes to host the biggest event in disc golf history.

PDGA Radio Program: 08/09/04

August 09, 2004: Worlds is rockin! Results from day one of of 2004 Pro/Am World Championships; Five-time Women's World Champ Elaine King has a tip for staying out of trouble in the 60-Second Clinic; Shawn Sinclair gives us his first impression of this year's Worlds, and Brad Hammock on defending his Masters title.

PDGA Radio Program: 08/02/04

August 2, 2004: Results from the Rumbletown Classic in Milwaukee; Kristen Weidle has some advice to aid your success when driving tight, wooded fairways; and Disc Golf Hall of Fame Administrator Al 'Speedy' Guerrero talks about the HOF and how the induction process works.

PDGA Radio Program: 07/26/04

July 26, 2004: National Tour results from the Minnesota Majestic; Todd Branch has some advice to help Am disc golfers succeed at Worlds 2004; we talk with Stockholm Open TD Jonas Löf about his tourney and the state of disc golf in Sweden; plus a preview of this weekend's SuperTour event, the Rumbletown Classic in Milwaukee.

PDGA Radio Program: 07/19/04

July 19, 2004: Our Worlds Warm Up! The 60-Second Clinic's Todd Branch has some suggestions on how to practice the 11 courses of Worlds in record time, and Mark 'Lizard Lawyer' Ellis teaches us the game of 'Trumps,' which will come in very handy to not only learn the Worlds courses, but to keep some pressure on at the same time.

PDGA Radio Program: 07/12/04

July 12, 2004: Another new disc golf media outlet arrives in the form of Disc Golf Live, a PDGA TV show intended for public access channels; results from last weekend's Brent Hambrick Memorial Open; plus news on disc golf's inclusion into the 2009 World Games in Taiwan.

PDGA Radio Program: 06/28/04

June 28, 2004: Northern Virginia's Tom Usselman tells us how his club tracks the number of players at a local course and how they use that information to influence the local Parks Department; results from last weekend's AmEx Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open; a preview of this weekend's Patapsco Picnic; plus Dave Feldberg on 360-degree turnaround drives in this week's 60-Second Clinic.

PDGA Radio Program: 06/21/04

June 21, 2004: An extended interview with Barry Schultz! The World Champ talks about discs, practice and how players can get to the next level; results from last weekend's National Tour event, The Discraft Great Lakes Open, plus the 60-Second Clinc has tips for success at this year's World Championships from David Feldberg.

PDGA Radio Program: 06/14/04

June 14, 2004: What you think affects your game -- Sports Psychologist Dr. Betsy Shoenfelt helps us to understand the positive and negative effects of Self Talk; results from last weekend's Greater Peoria Open, plus a preview of this weekend's National Tour event, the Discraft Great Lakes Open.

PDGA Radio Program: 06/07/04

June 7, 2004: The new Disc Golf Magazine is on shelves now, we talk with publisher David Henrickson; David Feldberg explains the 'push' putt in the 60-second clinic; results from last weekend's Kansas City Wide Open, plus a preview of this weekend's Greater Peoria Open.

PDGA Radio Program: 05/31/04

May 31, 2004: PDGA Executive Director Brian Hoeniger talks about where the PDGA has been, and where it's going; David Feldberg introduces us to the concepts of 'spin putting' versus 'push putting' in the 60-second clinic; results from last weekend's High Plains Challenge, plus a preview of this weekend's National Tour event: the Kansas City Wide Open.

PDGA Radio Program: 05/24/04

May 24, 2004: Under Pressure: This week, we learn how to deal with pressure, and how it can help to improve your scores.