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PDGA Europe Staff Expands

PDGA Europe Staff Expands

Spain's Calixto Garcia named Marketing & Media Manager

Thursday, April 13, 2023 - 11:04

Calixto Garcia, of Spain, is the new Marketing & Media Manager for PDGA Europe.

With the growth of the sport in Europe (and in general), PDGA Europe has expanded its staff with a new Marketing and Media position.

Calixto García is a 46-year-old marketeer from Bilbao, Spain, has three children and realized that throwing discs is somewhat better than hitting a ball with a stick three years ago. Since then, he established himself known in disc golf community as a huge sport promoter as owner of Zona Disc Golf YouTube channel that specializes in content in Spanish language, growing the sport not only in Spain, but also in Latin America.

His immense expertise in marketing that comes from 25 years of experience will boost the PDGA presence on the old continent.

“My main tasks are increasing PDGA Europe Social Media presence, assisting the Tour Manager in Euro Tour and other top European events, coordinating live and post produced media teams, increasing European presence in PDGA Global communication assets — DiscGolfer magazine, PDGA Radio, Newsletter, etc., collaborating with PDGA Global Marketing & Media Teams, promoting other PDGA Europe activities and contributing to the increased capacity and output of PDGA Europe in general,” said Calixto when we asked him what his immediate responsibilities will be.


Submitted by Espiau on

Felicidades por ello. Estoy seguro de que será un acierto y habrá mucho éxito con este movimiento por parte de la PDGA Europe.

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