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Disc Golf Rules School - Episode 9: Completing The Hole

Disc Golf Rules School - Episode 9: Completing The Hole

Thursday, March 17, 2022 - 14:19

Alright! You’ve made it off the tee, down the fairway and all the way to the putting green. You’re doing great, but you’ve still got to put the biscuit in the basket, as they say.

In this episode of Rules School, we’re going to look at how to complete the hole according to the Official Rules of Disc Golf (ORDG) section 807.

Completing the Hole 

In order to officially finish a hole, the rules say that the thrower must release the disc and it has to come to rest supported by the tray or the chains below the chain support.


It doesn't matter how the disc got into the basket: It still counts if it went straight into the chains or managed to squeeze through the tray. The only thing that matters is where the disc comes to rest.

In or Out?

The way that the rule is worded helps us determine what counts and what does not count as completing the hole.

If the disc lands on top of the basket, above the chain support, it won’t count because it is not supported by the chains below the chain support or the tray.


Anything suspended in the chains will count, as this clearly meets the requirements spelled out in the rules, and even a disc that is wedged in the tray or caught on a nub, hanging outside the basket will count because it is supported by the tray.


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Class Dismissed!

For more information visit the Official Rules of Disc Golf and be sure to check back each Thursday for a new installment of PDGA Rules School.

See you out on the course!