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It's Not Too Late To Partner With E.D.G.E.

It's Not Too Late To Partner With E.D.G.E.

Thursday, April 10, 2014 - 13:57

The Educational Disc Golf Experience would like to extend the invitation for disc golf Tournament Directors around the globe to partner any and/or all of your tournaments or series with the EDGE Tournament Charity Program for the 2014 season. Even though the disc golf season is already in full swing, it's not too late to partner up with such a great cause. The EDGE TCP has been an instrumental tool in growing the sport of disc golf around the United States, having now partnered with over 400 events across 22 different states in the last five years alone.

These partner events have helped contribute over $100,000 to the EDGE Tournament Charity Program, 66% of which has been dedicated to various state and local grants. Of the available grant money, $56,400 has already been given out to schools, youth programs, and various projects that are growing the great sport of disc golf at the youth level, where it needs to grow most. Getting involved with EDGE is a quick and easy process and there are several different available means of contributing. 


So, how does it work? Tournament Directors register their event, big or small, with the Tournament Charity Program and partner with the Educational Disc Golf Experience making them the event’s official charity. The tournament or series agrees to make a contribution to EDGE on behalf of the event and its participants via a per player donation, drawing, CTP contests, or lunch proceeds, just to name a few examples. EDGE will send a support sponsorship package through its corporate sponsors: KEEN Footwear, Innova Champion, Grip EQ and more, helping the event raise even more funding.

After the event, the Tournament Director sends in the contribution which is then split into several different funds. The first third of the contribution goes directly to the EDGE general operating fund. This fund helps to supports initiatives through several means, one of which is making sure EDGE representatives can attend regional physical education conferences. This helps ensure that EDGE programing is up to the most current educational standards. The remaining two-thirds of the contribution is earmarked for use within the event’s state of origin. The state’s funds are distributed in the form of grants for age appropriate equipment and programming on behalf of the state’s tournament disc golfers. Teachers get excited to have a fun new option for their students, the students get excited about disc golf, and players can take pride in knowing that they're helping grow the sport of disc golf with minimal effort on their end.

Please consider registering your event with the  Educational Disc Golf Experience's Tournament Charity Program today! Our 2014 event support sponsorship has just arrived and EDGE is always looking for new events to partner with. Please send any emails of inquiry to [email protected] as soon as possible if you'd like to be involved with the first half of the 2014 disc golf season! The latest updates about the program can also be found on the EDGE Facebook page.