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Regions Approved for PDGA Sanctioning

As of May 14, 2020, PDGA sanctioning is being phased in on a regional basis based on a five-step process that requires government authorization of organized, competitive sporting events.

These are the regions where PDGA sanctioning has been approved to resume on the effective date listed. This list will be updated as soon as sanctioning in a region is made available.


United States 

Region Effective Date Related Government Directive
Alabama 05/22/2020
Alaska 05/15/2020
Arkansas 05/14/2020
Georgia 05/20/2020
Idaho 05/18/2020
Kansas 05/22/2020
Minnesota 05/15/2020
Mississippi 05/19/2020
Missouri 05/20/2020
Nebraska 06/18/2020
North Carolina 05/22/2020
North Dakota 05/22/2020
Ohio 05/26/2020
Oklahoma 05/18/2020
Oregon 05/21/2020
South Dakota 05/16/2020
Tennessee 05/22/2020
Utah 05/16/2020