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Tournament Director/Course Director Kit

  • Score board or score port
  • Water Supplies – Coolers, Ice (keys to water filling station if required)

All items below should be contained in a waterproof bin (Rubbermaid, etc.).

  • Staff contact sheet with cell #s of critical staff and emergency numbers
  • Laptop or tablet
  • Cell phone (or internet hotspot)
  • Lightning Detector
  • Air Horn w/spare canister
  • Small First Aid Kit
  • Bee/wasp spray
  • PDGA Rulebook(s)
  • Event Caddie book(s)
  • Course Map(s)
  • Course Rules - OB etc.
  • Extra Course Maps for Spectators
  • Extra Caddie books for Players/Spectators
  • Scoreport Cards
  • Scorecards (extras for player requesting)
  • Sharpies
  • Golf pencils for players
  • Ziplocs for scorecards in case of inclement weather
  • Calculator
  • #64 Rubberbands (for wrapping scorecards from each round)
  • CTP Marking Supplies (if needed)
  • Blank Paper or Pad for notes, making signs (Next Round Tee Time:, etc.)
  • Binder clips for affixing signs to score board
  • Keys to Bulletin Board (if necessary)
  • Push Pins or Stapler for hanging signs on bulletin board

Download the Tournament Director/Course Director Kit PDF »