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tournament guidelines

tournament guidelines

  • Score board or score port
  • Water Supplies – Coolers, Ice (keys to water filling station if required)

All items below should be contained in a waterproof bin (Rubbermaid, etc.).

This is a companion that follows the PDGA guide for How to Plan For a PDGA Event. This document assumes that the TD is running a two-day event, but the guidelines apply regardless of how many days your event might be.

Note: These are merely suggestions and best practices.

Cover photo by Jay Svitko #7307

Imagine you're on your 18th hole, walking towards where you'll be putting to finish the round, and suddenly you hear the dreaded sound of three air horn blasts; lightning delay. It's frustrating, right? You only have maybe two minutes left until your round is over but now you have to wait for the lightning delay to end before going all the way back your putter to tap in? As frustrating as it is, for both the people on the course and for the tournament staff that is blowing the air horn, erroring on the side of caution is is ALWAYS the right thing to do. Lightning is no joke, and we will continue to do everything we can to keep our players safe.