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World Record

World Record

When you become passionate about a sport, hobby, job, or travel adventure, nothing will stop you from accomplishing your goal! That was the case for me in 2013. My name is Larry Kirk #45472 and for the third time, I traveled the 50 states playing disc golf at every disc golf course possible across the country. This is my unique way of promoting one of my passions to the public and bringing awareness of disc golf to the regular Joe on the streets, or whomever I meet anywhere along the way.

On Saturday October 25th, 2014, Germany’s rising star of disc golf, Simon Lizotte #8332, set a new world record for the longest outdoor throw of a flying disc. With a 17mph wind at his back, he crushed a 157g Innova Blizzard Boss, a gift from 2009 PDGA World Champion Avery Jenkins #7495, on a huge anyhyzer line across the flat desert land of Primm, NV. The distance that was reported back to him by radio from the spotter using an approved distance finder was an incredible 263.20 meters (863.5 feet)!

The bar has been raised, A LOT. Mike Sale had already broken the record for most disc golf holes played in 24 hours once. Since then, it was broken twice. This time he pushed himself much further than just breaking the record. He was motivated to crush the record of 1,929 holes by Dan Schnabel.

18 months ago, I could have never seen myself in the position I am in today. At 6:00am, as I was struggling to finish my 1,200th hole of the day, 21 hours in, I told myself that there was absolutely no way I would ever take on an event of this magnitude again. Clearly, I was mistaken. I had no way of knowing that the months of May and June would once again bring me to attempt to play disc golf for 24 hours straight and propel myself into Guinness' archives as a World Record Holder.