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PDGA Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events

PDGA Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events

Revisions are periodically required to update PDGA rules and competition standards to keep up with the constantly evolving nature of disc golf equipment, courses, tournament management, technology, etc. These updates and edits can range from nearly unnoticeable verbiage alterations to complete rewrites of an entire section. Fortunately, the changes approved by the board of directors for the 2021 revision of the PDGA Official Rules of Disc Golf and the PDGA Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events contain mostly the former.   

The PDGA Competition Committee has finalized its changes to section 1.02.C of the Competition Manual For Disc Golf Events. These changes, which the PDGA Board of Directors tasked the committee with in January, allow for three exceptions to the previous "first-come, first-served" registration policy, but also include limits on their use. 

These changes were approved by the PDGA Board of Directors during a meeting on May 26, 2020, and take effect immediately.

UPDATED March 21, 2020

Effective immediately, the PDGA Board of Directors, in consultation with the PDGA staff, is temporarily amending section 1.03 Withdrawals and Refunds of the PDGA Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events in response to the SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 pandemic.

This amendment will remain in effect for all PDGA events sanctioned as of 3/12/2020, that are taking place between 3/12/2020 and 12/31/2020. This policy will be reviewed, and if deemed necessary, be renewed or modified for events in 2021 no later than 11/1/2020.

Update December 31, 2018 — After listening to member feedback, the PDGA Board of Directors has drafted and approved language changes to Rule 803.01.B.1, CM 3.03.B.5, CM 3.03.C.3, and CM 3.03.C.4.  

Crafting an official revision of the PDGA Competition Manual is no simple task. The PDGA Competition Committee put in hundreds of unpaid, volunteer hours on the 2018 revision, working to clean up and clarify the verbiage while simultaneously creating new items and editing existing ones. The 2018 revision contains updates and edits based on nearly five years of feedback (last revised on January 1, 2013) from PDGA members, tournament directors, Board of Directors members, PDGA staff, State/Provincial Coordinators, etc.