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PDGA Announces Changes to 804.01 Mandatory Routes

Wednesday, March 2, 2022 - 13:09

The PDGA Board of Directors has approved an update to section 804.01, Mandatory Routes, of the Official Rules of Disc Golf (ORDG), effective as of March 2, 2022. This rule update does not change the concept of restricted routes as defined by the ORDG. It provides clarification of how restricted routes are intended to operate.

The version of the ORDG on the PDGA website will now read as follows, with removed language struck through and new language highlighted:

804.01 Mandatory Routes

  • A. A mandatory route restricts the path the disc may take to the target.
  • B. The restricted space is a vertical plane marked by one or more objects or other markers which define the edges of the space.
  • C. If a throw part of a thrown disc clearly and completely enters into a restricted space, the player receives one penalty throw. The lie for the next throw is the drop zone for that mandatory. If no drop zone has been designated, the lie for the next throw is the previous lie.
  • D. If the thrown disc is released on the other side of the restricted space compared to the rear edge of the marker disc, the player has missed the mandatory. The next lie and penalty are the same as 804.01.C.

The change to part C was made specifically to address the rare case where a disc could come to rest straddling the restricted space. The updated rule declares that if any portion of the disc enters the restricted space, the throw has missed the mandatory. This prevents a player from marking their lie across the restricted space.

Part D was added to address the possibility of a player reaching through the restricted space in order to release the disc on the other side of the mandatory.