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2012 Vibram Open

2012 Vibram Open

It was an exciting final day at the Vibram Open. The weather was splendid starting in the high 50’s and finishing in the 70’s with a light cloud cover. The Amateur players from the VibrAM tournament teed off first and then the NT side starting teeing off at 10:10am.

Make the Cut, Get Paid! has been the Vibram Open motto since the beginning, and today was cut day at the 2012 Vibram Open with 83 men and 6 women returning to play the final round on Sunday all guaranteed part of a $50,000 payout.

The day started out both cold and wet with the temperatures in the mid 50’s and a steady rain falling that finally cleared past the Maple Hill course around 9:30.  By midday it was a beautiful late summer New England day with sunny skies and temperatures in the mid 70s.

Day two at the 2012 Vibram Open dawned clear and beautiful. It warmed up pretty good to about 90 degrees but the weather report said it would be the hottest day of the weekend so tomorrow may be a bit cooler.

For most players the motto of day two at the Vibram Open was “What-did-I-learn-yesterday-to-improve-my-score-today?” A full 59% of the men’s field improved their scores, while 7% shot the same score, and only 34% shot worse.  The women almost reversed the numbers with 42% improving their scores and 58% shooting worse.

The Vibram Open plays four rounds this year and Thursday was Day 1 of the crowning National Tour Elite Series event sponsored by Vibram Disc Golf.  And it started off looking really, really bad.

Some storms had thrashed the area during the night before, and they were still working their way through.  Thankfully the lightning was at the center of the storm far enough away, but at least one of the storm’s rain bands made its presence more than well known to the players with the early tee times on the Maple Hill Gold Course in Leicester, Massachusetts.