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Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events

1.12 Tournament Officials

Last updated: Tuesday, January 24, 2023 - 10:57

  1. Only the Tournament Director, those Certified Officials (as defined in 1.11.A) that have been designated by the Tournament Director, or a designated PDGA Marshal PDGA Marshal as designated by the PDGA Director of Competition, are Tournament Officials for a given event.
  2. Only Tournament Officials may make rulings at PDGA-sanctioned events beyond those calls allowed by the rules to be made by the players or playing group themselves.
  3. Spectators are not Tournament Officials and may NOT make rulings. Players in the event who are not designated Tournament Officials and are not actively playing in the round (either have finished or have not yet started) are considered spectators.
  4. Each Tournament Official must carry copies of the tournament/course rules, the Official Rules of Disc Golf, and the Competition Manual at all times.
  5. If an appointed Tournament Official competes in the tournament, they may NOT officiate for any ruling within their own division other than as a member of a playing group as allowed by the rules.
  6. A Tournament Official’s ruling supersedes the ruling of the playing group, but an appeal may be made to the Chief Official who is the Tournament Director, or their appointed Chief Official.
  7. The Tournament Director may empower volunteers to act as spotters for a specific spotting purpose, but the ruling of a spotter does NOT supersede the ruling of the group.
  8. Video evidence or other media is not allowed for the purpose of making rulings for sanctioned play. Such evidence can only be used to document player misconduct (as defined in 3.03). Evidence of player misconduct may be evaluated at any time by the PDGA Disciplinary Committee.