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Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events

1.08 Reduction of Field Size (Cuts)

Last updated: Wednesday, June 26, 2024 - 17:06

  1. The field may be reduced (cut) for a semi-finals or finals at the discretion of the Tournament Director, provided that is announced prior to opening player registration for the event. The only exception may be due to the PDGA Mid-Event Suspension & Cancellation Policy being invoked to finish an event.
  2. Unless otherwise announced in advance by the Tournament Director, all ties for a semi-final or final cut will be broken by the use of a tiebreaker (see 1.09).
  3. Making the cut line at or above the payout line is required so that all payout positions who make the cut get paid. If additional players below the payout line made the cut due to ties, only those players remaining at least tied for a payout position would get paid. The only exceptions are when the PDGA Mid-Event Suspension and Cancellation Policy is invoked to finish an event, or as outlined in the International Program Guide.
  4. Any eligible player who chooses not to participate in a semi-final or final shall receive ranking and cash or prizes equal to finishing last in the remaining field.
  5. Players who do not make the cut have completed all tournament rounds. Any further competition between those players is unofficial and should not be reported or affect the published results (see also 1.09.E).Consolation rounds for players not making a tournament cut are discouraged as consolation rounds are post-event and are NOT official, and will NOT be reported or affect the rankings of the players in the tournament. Any such consolation rounds may NOT affect the scheduling of official tournament rounds.