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Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events

  1. Players are responsible for scheduling their practice rounds prior to the event. Availability of the course and its tournament set-up for practice rounds may vary (see Tour Standards for details). The course or courses are closed to practice during the tournament and at all other times designated by the Tournament Director.
  2. Two types of starts are used to begin competitive play:
    1. Shotgun Starts (rounds where multiple groups start simultaneously): At a scheduled time, scorecard(s) shall be distributed to the players at Tournament Central. After the cards have been distributed, groups shall be given adequate time to reach their assigned holes. A loud noisemaker, such as an air horn, shall be used to indicate that there are two minutes remaining until play starts. The signal shall be a series of two short blasts. At that time, players are to end practice and move promptly to their starting hole’s tee. An extended blast of the noisemaker begins the round and signals the scorekeepers to call the throwing orders.
    2. Staggered Starts or Tee Times (rounds where groups start one after another on a certain hole): The player shall start at the time announced by the Tournament Director. Players are recommended to check in with the starter ten minutes before their tee time. Players may practice until the starter indicates the two-minute warning for their group provided their practice does not distract players on the course.
  3. A throw by a player between the two-minute signal and the start of the round shall receive a warning if observed by two or more players or an official. Subsequent throws by the player during this period, if observed by two or more players or an official, shall result in one penalty throw added to the player’s score, regardless of the number of throws.
  4. It is the sole responsibility of the player to be at the course and ready to play in time for the start of their round.
  5. If a player is not present to throw when it is their turn, the scorekeeper shall allow 30 seconds. If the player has not thrown after the 30 seconds has elapsed, a score of par plus four is to be entered for that hole. This procedure continues on any subsequent holes for which a player is absent. No holes shall be replayed. If a complete round is missed, or if a player does not finish a round, the player may, at the discretion of the Tournament Director, be disqualified.
  6. Late-arriving players, for either Shotgun or Tee Time rounds, are responsible for checking with the TD, Tournament Central, or the Tee Time Starter to learn their correct starting group and are solely responsible for starting play with that playing group or the group created by the TD due to the player’s absence. The player will receive the par plus four score for each hole that the playing group has either completed or finished teeing on. Playing with any other group constitutes an attempt to gain a competitive advantage and is a disqualification.
  7. The Tournament Director must provide two scorecards to each group, to be kept independently of one another. These scorecards may be of the same medium or of different media. The two scorecards must be reconciled by the group and submitted by whichever method the Tournament Director has designated as the official scoring method for the tournament.