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They Said It: First Tournament Advice

This year, a number of players who have picked up the sport of disc golf for the first time are venturing out to tournaments to give the competitive side of the game a try for the first time.

Last week, we asked a question on the PDGA's social media channels a question: If you could go back and give yourself some advice before your first tournament round, what would it be?

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There were some solid answers but the general consensus was to remember what you're doing: Playing disc golf.

Play within YOUR limits don’t try to go for everything off the tee and run every putt. Layup when it will benefit your next shot, instead of trying to push your limits and getting yourself in trouble on the course. – Matt H

Realize it is just a game and have fun. You may not win, you probably will not win but just enjoy the experience. Bring water and snacks. Bring a second pair of socks. – Josh R

Slow down. You're not Paul McBeth and have nothing to prove. Take a deep breath and play your game. Keep your expectations realistic and have fun. – Josh W

Don't put too much pressure on yourself to perform. Shake off the last shot and focus on the next one. – Jeff B

Don't try to be a hero every shot. Play within yourself and concentrate on parring every hole. Bad throw? Forget about it. – Johnny T

Ignore what everyone else on the card is doing and play your game. – Mark H

Don't force an uncomfortable shot, throw what you know. – Kyle N

Ryan B. said to remember what 2018 PDGA World Champion Gregg Barsby said on the 18th green, moments after winning his first World title.

What Barsby said after winning 2018 Worlds. – Ryan B

Don’t worry, you’ll miss a few putts and still be able to get it done. You’ll throw it well enough to do it. – Gregg B, post 2018 Worlds



And, of course, there were humorous, while still solid, suggestions.

Don’t throw your first shot in the lake. – Derek R

Don’t wear jeans. – Dylan S

If you eat that second microwave burrito from the gas station right before you play.... it won’t end well. – Eric B

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Totally agree with many of these, I have played with many people who play their first tournament and try to kill themselves to make a shot and when they don't make it they crash on the next few holes. I just remind them that last place is my position so they can't be that bad.

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