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We Have a Winner!

We Have a Winner!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 - 11:31

Congratulations to Evan McKee, PDGA #28702, for winning the Motel 6 contest!

Tournament Director Evan McKee was one of 54 event entrants who will be taking home the prize of 2 complimentary nights at a Motel 6 and a $100 American Express gift card. McKee was able to attain 10 room reservations at Motel 6 from competitors at his August event, Hell on the Border, in Fort Smith, AK. Congratulations to you, Evan!

All tournament directors are encouraged to enter. It’s simple:

  • Advertise Motel 6 as a lodging suggestion for your upcoming event(s)
  • Contact our Motel 6 representative, Kirsten Jenkins, to be submitted in the contest
  • Jenkins will track how many rooms are reserved for your event
  • The winner is announced at the end of each quarter based on the highest number of rooms reserved

And remember, the PDGA receives a percentage back from each room stay so thank you for participating in this program! Thank you also to Motel 6 for your partnership with the PDGA and our members.



Kirsten Jenkins
[email protected]

Good luck!

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