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2019 Ed Headrick Disc Golf Hall of Fame Classic presented by REC TEC Grills - Spectator Info

You are watching the greatest disc golfers of this generation compete in the 2019 PDGA National Tour finale event– where season-long Player of the Year races will be decided. The guidelines below are designed to maximize your – and the players’ – enjoyment and safety during the event.

Park Entry

Entrance into the park will cost $3 a vehicle. There will be no fee to spectate this event. We will have directions posted along the road to the overflow parking lot for spectators, competitors, and volunteers.

More info about the park fees can be found at

Following the Pros

Please observe silence throughout each shot and hold completely still until all players in each group have thrown or holed out. Be sure to give players, caddies and camera crews plenty of space as they move from basket to the next tee. Stay behind all players, caddies, cameras and Event Staff throughout the entire round unless directed by an official, officer, or Event Director. Event Staff will be available for assistance throughout the week. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please be sure to obey their instructions: they are there to keep you safe and help you enjoy the competition. Never pick up a competitors disc.

Personal Safety

Always stay alert. Golf discs flying at high speeds can cause serious injury. Similar to traditional golf, yelling “FORE!” is the common warning to announce an incoming shot. Be aware of flying discs at all times. In case of rain, grounds may become slippery. Watch your step. Please keep an eye on children at all times especially near water’s edge.  All park rules enforced by Wildwood Park also apply at the International Disc Golf Center.

Weather Warning Policy

Through the use of lightning detectors, radar and forecast monitoring, we will do our best to remain aware of any potentially hazardous weather conditions and relay that information to the players, spectators and guest in attendance. If suspension of play is necessary, it will be signaled by THREE QUICK BLASTS OF AN AIR HORN and you need to seek shelter.

Tobacco & Nicotine Products

If you smoke, please be sure to extinguish your cigarettes and matches and make sure they are completely out. Also, be mindful of your smoke: be sure it is not a distraction to the players or you will be asked by the Event Staff to put it out. Smoking is not allowed inside any building of the IDGC.

Autograph Policy

We aim to provide an optimum competition environment for our players. There is a no-autograph policy in effect on the course at all times during competitive play and also when players are in the practice area. Autographs may be obtained in common spaces any other time of the day.

Photo/Videography Policy – Cameras are allowed on the course with discretion. Those choosing to take pictures or video must use extreme caution not to create a distraction to players. Please remember to silence any phones or cameras prior to walking on the course. Images of the Ed Headrick Disc Golf Hall of Fame Classic captured by cameras or audio and video equipment cannot be used for broadcast, publication or any commercial purpose without written consent from the Tournament Director and PDGA Media Manager.


2019 Ed Headrick Disc Golf Hall of Fame Classic presented by REC TEC Grills