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The Moore, the Merrier

In the wake of the terrible weather related tragedy that occurred earlier this year in Moore Oklahoma, the PDGA would like to offer our most sincere condolences to any and all affected by this historic deadly storm.

The Little River Disc Golf Course was in the direct path of the tornado and suffered catastrophic damage as a result. The businesses and homes that surrounded the park are gone as well. We are all sure there is much work to do in the months ahead as the citizens of Moore rebuilds following this tragic event.

“It is important that the citizens of Moore, Oklahoma have a place where they can recreate as they go through this long rebuilding and healing process. Disc golf will provide them with this outlet and we are pleased to help them in any way that we can”, stated PDGA Executive Director, Brian Graham.

Much to the surprise of the community, the initial plans to rebuild Little River Park did not include a disc golf course, despite an outpouring of support from the members of the community and the disc golf family.  PDGA members and disc golfers wishing to lend their personal support should sign the petition to rebuild the course.  Take a few seconds out of your day to help out a disc golf community in need.