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If you are running a Masters+ Disc Golf tournament, and you may want to make this an exceptional event, here are some things to consider. 

Masters Tournament Recommendations


The purpose of this document is to provide masters event recommendations for Tournament Directors to implement at their discretion. The intent of these recommendations is to provide a competitive and rewarding disc golf experiences that reflect the wide range of skills and physical abilities of masters age disc golf players. These recommendations address survey based issues that Masters 40 and older players experience that are different from the younger age divisions for both men and women.


Screenshot of the Global Masters Series leaderboard

In 2023, the PDGA introduced the PDGA Global Masters Series. All Masters and older players will be able to compete virtually for a Global Championship in their respective divisions. It will be based upon their best eight round ratings throughout the year in any division they are eligible to play in any PDGA sanctioned tournament. The Series will run from January 1st to December 31st of each calendar year.


As the PDGA continues to grow, so do the number of older disc golf players. Many of the 40 and older players are the ones who have help mold this great sport into what it is today. While it gets tougher to compete with the new young guns, most of us are not ready to ride off into the sunset. We have earned the right to enjoy the fruits of our labor. That is why the PDGA Senior Committee formed a sub-committee to facilitate the creation of tournament and competitive programs for our most deserving demographic.


If you are just starting or have never played disc golf but want to learn, here are a few suggestions. Start with the Introduction to Disc Golf. Then check-out the History of Disc Golf. Another great reference for learning more about disc golf can be found from DGA.


"We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing." George Bernard Shaw. That is so true and why many seniors play disc golf. Unlike so many other sports, disc golf can be played and enjoyed long after your jump shot doesn’t get off the ground.

The PDGA Senior Committee is looking to expand compeition opportunities. Photo: PDGA

The PDGA Senior Committee was created to promote disc golf among Masters (40-plus) and older players, a demographic that has reached the golden moment where we can shoot our own age.

Through surveys, the Senior Committee has found that the top issue among most members is finding opportunities to compete within their own peer group.

New Divisions

As the sport of disc golf continues to grow, so must the way in which it is organized. One of the changes we saw in 2017 was the debut of a dedicated World Championships event for professional age-based divisions and, as many of you already know, we'll see our junior divisions getting their own dedicated World Championships event in 2018. So we're excited to announce another change for 2018 that affects players of all age-based divisions and introduces a couple of new divisions as well.

The 2013 National Senior Games opened this past Friday in the city of Rock and Roll where Mother Nature did some serious rocking and rolling of her own.  Her opening act was a downpour on Friday night while the Opening Ceremonies commenced at the Cleveland Convention Center.  The ceremonies included the lighting of the National Senior Games flame.   But later that night, in the wee early hours of Saturday morning, the heavy metal headliner took the stage as a massive storm front made its way through the region and dumped 4+inches of rain on the Sims Park Disc Golf Course while spawning a tornado that damaged buildings at Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, a mere 11 miles away.