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Senior Competition Guide

Masters Tournament Recommendations


The purpose of this document is to provide masters event recommendations for Tournament Directors to implement at their discretion. The intent of these recommendations is to provide a competitive and rewarding disc golf experiences that reflect the wide range of skills and physical abilities of masters age disc golf players. These recommendations address survey based issues that Masters 40 and older players experience that are different from the younger age divisions for both men and women.


The objective is to establish quality events for older players to compete among their peers. The long-term goal is to have Masters Tournaments in every state, province, or region worldwide.


Tournament Directors are encouraged to offer sufficient divisions based on local or regional demand. For these masters only events, this can include amateur rating based division(s) to encourage newer or less skilled age restricted player participation. This allows competitive opportunities to participate among peers of similar ability.

Tournament Directors should consider all Master Divisions recognized by the PDGA when assigning a sufficient number of player spots to establish an appropriate mix of players. This may involve reserving some divisional spots while capping others.

Tournament Directors are strongly encouraged to offer Masters divisions with no minimum as is currently recommended by PDGA guidelines, joining players on most appropriate players cards to avoid the need for Marshals.


Most elite level (pros) and many Masters 40 players still want to play the most challenging courses. But for most other Masters divisions, the event venue(s) should emphasize technical skill and course quality versus distance and endurance. Where possible, consideration should be made for the overall walking distance including, hole length, distance between holes, course elevation changes, number of holes played, and foot travel to and from starting/finishing holes.


  • Age appropriate hole lengths/difficulty
  • Appropriate skill based layout selection
  • Pull cart friendly courses
  • Sufficient Restrooms/Drinking Fountains
  • Parking at remote start/finish holes
  • Inviting Registration/Payout venue


  • Long (bomber) courses
  • Steep courses
  • Shorter tees transferring play to walk distance

Consider reducing the number of holes played if the option of a shorter quality layout or reduced travel is not possible for the more senior divisions. PDGA Guidelines allow for as few as 18

holes for a one-day C-Tier event and 18 holes per day is a popular option for most Master 50 and older divisions on multiple day events. Provisions should be made such as staggering start times to maintain inclusion for all players in the total event experience.

For venues with the luxury of multiple area courses, consider utilizing more than one course, assigning players to the most appropriate course(s).


With Masters tournaments, Pro players can demonstrate their proficiency in the sport, enjoy the event experience, and be rewarded with customary monetary payouts amongst their peers. Their entry fees need to be inline with the appropriate payout and intended experience.

Many Amateur Senior players have indicated that they play competitively more for camaraderie than to accumulate plastic. The entry fee should be as low as possible but still reflect the reasonable costs for player’s packs, payout, and event perks.

It is recommended that Tournament Staff be innovative with player packs and perks. Consider including creative player packs (not necessarily discs), lunches, refreshments, and entertainment as part of the Masters event. For a low cost option, consider trophy-only events.

An offsite payout location such as a reserved hall, restaurant, or bar may improve the event experience, if the park does not have sufficient facilities for a player party type atmosphere.

Be aware that hosting an event with a specific demographic may open up sponsorship opportunities. Businesses may not be interested in supporting a disc golf event, but maybe willing to offer support (sponsorship/fundraising programs) for an event, which provides health benefits for seniors or generates business from the player crowd if the establishment is the site designated for registration and/or the awards ceremony.


Besides participation in PDGA senior player related initiatives, potential Tournament Directors are encouraged to partner events with respected athletic organizations. PDGA events have been combined with local, state and national Senior Games in the United States. Go to ‘’ to find out information and contacts for individual states offering disc golf in their State Senior Games. Similar relationships can be created internationally with likeminded organizations to encourage senior play.

If offering an amateur age restricted option other than advanced is not feasible for primary PDGA events, consider offering dual or supplemental events such as an XC Sanctioned event, unsanctioned events, or handicap leagues for newer or lesser skilled players as an introduction to disc golf competition. This allows the opportunity for newer senior players to participate competitively in a less intimidating environment. Consider PDGA Membership(s) as prizes.

Thanks all Tournament Directors and staff who are working hard to provide opportunities for this important and growing demographic. Many seniors are the original driving force that laid the groundwork to make disc golf the sport it has become. This is their chance to enjoy their efforts.