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"We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing." George Bernard Shaw. That is so true and why many seniors play disc golf. Unlike so many other sports, disc golf can be played and enjoyed long after your jump shot doesn’t get off the ground.

Disc golf can be part of a holistic, healthy lifestyle. There is the physical aspect walking and executing a throw. There is the social part of playing with family and friends as well as meeting new friends. It's the mental challenge of focusing on the shot, the strategy of play, and understanding your own abilities. And there is an emotional element, the excitement of competing, the satisfaction of making a good shot, and the little adrenaline push you get in the heat of battle.

Older players (50 plus) typically experience the game differently than younger players. Our drives don't go as far, we start to run out of 'gas' toward the end of a round, and the Tylenol doesn't always last until the 18th hole. We learn to compensate with better upshots and putting. Even as we age, it’s the child-like joy of playing a game that we all love that keeps us going. As 'Steady' Ed Heddricks, the father of disc golf, so eloquently expressed, “He who has the most fun wins”.