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PDGA Elections

PDGA Elections

All 89,983 ballots have been distributed to PDGA members.

Now, it’s time to let your voice be heard.

We're just over two weeks into the 2021 PDGA Elections and 15,887 ballots – 17.66% – have been cast as we select the next three members of the PDGA Board of Directors as well as several State and Provincial Coordinators.

It’s been a steady climb in participation throughout the 2021 election. A week ago, the percentage of ballots returned was at 15%.

As we come down the home stretch of this year's PDGA Elections season, here's some good news: nearly 10,000 disc golfers have cast their vote to pick two new members of the PDGA Board of Directors and a slew of State and Provincial Coordinators. 

As of press time, 9,893 of the 51,792 ballots sent out have been returned for an impressive 19.1% participation rate. That outpaces voting trends from the last couple years, but we're feeling a little greedy. So, please spread the good word and help us get another 465 votes back in so we can hit that 20% mark. We've got until this Friday, July 31, to do it.

All of the ballots have officially been sent. Now, we're just waiting for more to be returned.

After two weeks of the month-long PDGA Elections7,103 members have cast their votes to help select the next two members of the PDGA Board of Directors, as well as several State and Provincial Coordinators. That's up 1,734 from our Week One update.

The PDGA sent ballots to 51,791 members, putting the current participation rate at 13.71%. While that is an improvement on 2019's 12.99%, we're still short on the marks from 2018 (15.39%) and 2017 (15.3%). How about we put those numbers far in the rearview mirror this week?

Well, PDGA members, we have good news, and we have bad news. Which one do you want first?

Being an optimist, we’ll start with the good news: Just under a week into our 2020 PDGA Board of Directors Elections, 5,369 members have cast ballots to help drive the direction of the organization. We see extra birdies in your future.

The bad news is that we sent ballots to 47,876 members, meaning 42,507 of you are about to experience a Karmatic run of rollaways and double-bogeys if you don’t get those ballots in.

Ballots are now going out for the 2020 PDGA Board of Directors and State/Provincial Coordinators elections. Please check your email inbox for a message titled "Vote Now in the 2020 PDGA Elections" from [email protected]

Please note that it may take a couple of days for some members to receive their ballot, as our election house sends the election emails out in batches.

If you do not receive a ballot by Tuesday, July 7, we can help. First, please do the following: