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2022 PDGA Europe Board Member Elections

2022 PDGA Europe Board Member Elections

Candidate submissions due June 14th

Monday, May 2, 2022 - 19:00

Information on PDGA Global Board of Directors and State/Provincial elections >>


PDGA Europe (Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland), established 2006 (Finnish Patent And Registration Office Registered 22-Aug-2019 with ID 3000913-7), is the Europe Continent Segment of PDGA. Thirty Europe Continent Countries have secured PDGA Affiliate Country Status.

PDGA Europe operates under the direction of the PDGA Europe Board Of Directors with the overriding aim of growing Disc Golf (on the Europe Continent) in concert with PDGA, PDGA Europe Members, PDGA Sanctioned Events and Europe Continent National Governing Bodies / Associations.

PDGA Europe seeks proactive / dynamic candidates with the best and the brightest minds for their 2022 PDGA Board Member Elections. For 2022, there are three vacancies available on the PDGA Europe Board Of Directors with each successful candidate expected to serve a term of three years commencing 01-Sep-2022.

Candidates should be inspired by the opportunity to play a leading role in both the governance and the development of Disc Golf (at all levels) for the Europe Continent. Also, they should be committed to getting all tasks (major and minor) accomplished in addition to bringing their ideas and proposals that will strengthen the beautiful game of Disc Golf and enhance the PDGA Europe Brand / Image.

Online elections for the PDGA Europe Board Of Directors will commence 01-Jul-2022 and conclude 31-Jul-2022 with each PDGA Europe Member receiving a single Electronic Ballot Paper. Candidates securing the largest portion of votes cast will then be invited to join the PDGA Europe Board Of Directors.

PDGA Europe Board Member Responsibilities

Attendance at a) the monthly PDGA Europe Board Of Directors teleconference b) the PDGA Europe Board Of Directors Summit (at least one per year) c) PDGA Europe’s Annual General Meeting in order to both accomplish PDGA Europe’s Business Affairs and to deliver PDGA Europe’s Strategic Plan.

The main activities of the PDGA Europe Board Of Directors include a) PDGA Europe Staff Management b) PDGA Budget Management c) PDGA Euro Tour Direction d) PDGA Europe Disc Golf Development Grant Program Management e) developing and discharging PDGA Europe’s Policies and Procedures d) Project Ownership e) Issue Ownership.

A PDGA Europe Board Member should anticipate dedicating approximately 15Hrs per month.

PDGA Europe Board Member Qualifications

PDGA Europe reserve the right to perform Candidate Background Checks e.g. Director Disqualification.

Candidates must satisfy the PDGA Europe Member Definition and be of at least 18Yrs of age. Additionally, Candidates should satisfy some of the criteria in respect of Skills, Training / Experience and Intangibles as follows:


  • Proactive / Dynamic i.e. not Passive / Reactive
  • Professional experience involving management, marketing, financial, strategic planning, entrepreneurship, and/or experience in the non-profit sector
  • Fluency or semi-fluency in the English language
  • Oral and written communication
  • Listening to and patience in dealing with others
  • A passion for the sport of Disc Golf
  • Familiarity with and commitment to PDGA Europe

Training / Experience in:

  • Competitive Disc Golf
  • Disc Golf Organisation
  • Finance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Tech Management and Development
  • Human Resources Management
  • Journalism
  • Event Production


  • Enthusiasm for the Task
  • Time Availability
  • Collaborative
  • Creative Innovator
  • Vision
  • Flexible / Adaptable
  • Respected

Reaching the Voters

Candidates for the PDGA Europe Board of Directors have the option to personalize their campaign by providing a video message to voters. Videos are to be produced by the candidate and posted on YouTube with the Video’s URL included in their Candidate Biography. The Video (less than 3Mins Duration) provides Candidates the opportunity to introduce themselves and to outline one or more primary goals of their participation on the PDGA Europe Board Of Directors. Videos should be PG-rated, keeping in mind that we have voting members of all ages.

Submitting your Board Candidacy

If you are interested in running for a position on the PDGA Europe Board Of Directors then download and complete a Candidate Biography Questionnaire. This form may also be requested by contacting the PDGA office at +1 (706) 261-6342.

Completed Candidate Biography Questionnaires and Candidate Statement must be received at [email protected] no later than 14-Jun-2022.

PDGA Europe Members

PDGA Europe Members are those PDGA Members with Membership Status “Current” that satisfy at least one of the following criteria as recorded in their respective PDGA My Account:

  • Member Info Nationality being a PDGA Europe Nationality
  • Member Address Country being a PDGA Europe Country