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It doesn’t get much bigger than this. Singles Day at the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships, a PDGA Major. Today was the day that all the players in the Championship Flight had been waiting for. An individual National Title was on the line and you couldn’t script the type of finish we saw in both the men’s and the women’s divisions. Amazing putts, big comebacks, favorable bounces and unfortunate rolls; today’s action had it all.

Day two of the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship, a PDGA Major, is when the tension really begins to mount. As the dream of becoming a national champion begins to become a reality, an overwhelming combination of pressure and passion daunts even the fiercest competitors. As the players began to trickle onto the course on Thursday morning, they were surprised by the unseasonably cool temperatures and fierce winds. The six courses at the Hippodrome Disc Golf Complex are known for having a tendency to be breezy, and with such a demand for deadly accuracy, a deft touch is required to manage your way through the course.

The National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships, a PDGA Major, is truly an event like no other. Not only is it a team event, which we don’t see too many of throughout the year, but it is an astounding display of emotion and pride. Watching College Disc Golf is best compared to watching the NCAA basketball tournament; you might enjoy seeing the pros, but nowhere else will you see a better demonstration of teamwork, camaraderie, passion, talent and intelligence. These kids have worked hard to put themselves in the position to win a National Championship, but you would never know something that prestigious was on the line the way they cheer each other on and enjoy every minute of it.

April…Absurdity? April...Aberration? April…Asininity?

March might have the best alliteration-based nickname in collegiate sports but if you’re more of a disc golf fan than a basketball fan, April is the month to really get excited about. Wednesday, April 15, kicks off the 2015 National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships (NCDGC), a PDGA Major. Hundreds of collegiate disc golfers from over 60 universities will gather at the Hippodrome Disc Golf Complex looking to take home a team and/or an individual championship all while representing their respective schools.

Photo Credit: Bill Bengtson

Here we are at the end of the College Disc Golf 2014-2015 regular season. After 24 events all over the country, all but nine National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships qualification berths have been awarded.

We've run the numbers and calculated the end-of-season Innova Collegiate Team Rankings and the Total Points Standings. These statistics are used to award the final spots in the NCDGC.

The College Disc Golf 2014-2015 regular season comes to an end this Sunday, March 15th with the conclusion of the Bombing the Buttes and Gateway Collegiate Classic qualifier events. Four schools will earn their way into the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships at those tournaments.

The start of the 2014 - 2015 Collegiate Disc Golf Season is fast approaching. Our schedule is packed with more events than ever and we are happy to announce that we will have 25 Qualifier Events for this year's National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships. Due to another superb year of growth, we had to adjust how we compose the qualifier schedule. We have had influx of applications for events and the system we had just wasn't flexible enough to garner the growth.

The College Disc Golf National Championship has already invited back the top 16 finishers and the First Flight and Second Flight Champion teams from the 2014 National Championships to the 2015 event. We will host a field of 72 teams in the Championship division for our 2015 tournament. That means there are 54 spots to award through our rankings, invitations, and qualifying events throughout the year.

We are presenting an opportunity for your area to host one of these events.

There will be four types of qualifier tournaments in the 2014-2015 season, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

For the second consecutive year, disc golf action will be kicking off the 20-show Beach Sports Network broadcast season.

As the final day of the 2014 National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship got underway Saturday morning, you could sense the tension and the pressure that only a Collegiate Title could encourage. The players were tentative, going about their morning routine amongst a gamut of destroyed tents and banners and flooded greens from the incessant rain and wind the night prior. Only after the sun had set the night before had the Men’s Individual Title been decided, with Bryan Murphy of Ferris State winning in a dramatic and wet finish. Saturday would see the Women’s Division crown a queen and all divisions were set to square off in the semi and Finals rounds of the Team competition. A busy day of golf indeed.

The National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship wrapped up today in grand fashion. As the winds continued to howl, the players went out on to the battlefield ready for a fight. With a Women’s Individual Final to be determined and the Team Championships in all four divisions yet to be settled, a long day of golf was ahead of the pack. The intensity of the Championship had settled in.

On the second day of the 2014 National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships, the wind that is notorious at the Hippodrome Disc Golf Complex began to show its teeth. A sustained wind of up to 15 mph all day can certainly take its toll on some players, but today, scores seemed to tell a different story. Although the courses at the Hippo host to some short holes, tricky greens, wind and out-of-bounds can turn a certain birdie into a much higher score. Navigating through the danger is difficult, but several teams and individual players cruised around the courses today posting some really hot scores.

As the sun rose this morning in North Augusta, South Carolina, nearly 400 college students awoke from dreams of being crowned a National Champion. Today marked the start of the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship, the fastest growing event in disc golf. Along with pioneering different team formats of play and the only type of complex schedule that could accommodate this large field, Tournament Founder Pete May and Tournament Director Alan Kane have created the type of atmosphere expected at a large gathering of college students; a giant party.

When college sports fans consider some of the great rivalries throughout history, they are sure to include Auburn vs. Georgia, Penn State vs. Ohio State, South Carolina vs. Clemson, and Texas vs. Texas Tech. Schools that most likely would not make the list are Kennesaw State, Alabama-Huntsville, or Tennessee Tech. Yet all of these great institutions are on a collision course this spring, as they prepare for the 2014 National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships to be held in North Augusta, South Carolina April 16-19 at the Hippodrome Sports Complex.

The end of the 2013-2014 collegiate disc golf season came to end Saturday with the conclusion of the California Clash and Gateway Collegiate Classic qualifier events. Five schools earned their spots into the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships at those tournaments.

The 2013-2014 collegiate disc golf season is starting to take shape. Two weeks ago the Great Lakes Collegiate Open kicked it off. The GLCO was not only the first event of the season, but it was also the first of six Premier Qualifiers that award two Bye Seeds to Nationals held in April. The Innova SouthEast Collegiate Open is the second Premier of the year.

The 2013-2014 Collegiate Disc Golf season kicked off on September 14th. The PDGA and Innova Disc Golf are proud supporters of the collegiate disc golf season and are a great help to our tournament directors and our players.

The 2013 National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships finally came to an end this afternoon after 4 long days of competitive play at the Hippodrome Disc Golf Complex in North Augusta, SC.

After crowning the individual medalist on Saturday evening (Colleen Thompson, representing Illinois State University and Brett Wishon of Kennesaw State), the focus today was on the team competition finals.

The players filled the courses at the Hippodrome complex Saturday with excitement and anticipation for individual competition.  Team play is not only about how they can function as a unit, but also the individual pieces of the puzzle.  Now, instead of all playing together, the teams were split up and spread out over the two courses.  Singles play leaves the door wide open for the leaders to slip, and the chasers to become the chased.

Day two of the 2013 National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships played host to some very exciting disc golf action. As the players arrived to the Hippodrome complex, they were treated to sunny skies and much better weather than the previous day. The scores were proof of that, as the competitors began to light it up.

Day one of the 2013 National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships kicked off with a boom...literally.  The skies opened up overnight and continued to drench the Hippodrome complex throughout the day.  Fortunately for the players, they only were required to play one round today, and the action was preceded by the typical fanfare that only a National Collegiate Championship could offer.

Well, Spring has sprung in North Augusta which means the flowers are blooming, the Masters is just around the corner and, more importantly in the disc golf world, the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships are about to get underway.  The NCDGC is the National Championship crowning event for collegiate disc golf. It is a team event with schools from across the country competing for the title of National Disc Golf Champions.

ESPN featured Collegiate Disc Golf during the Mississippi State vs. Alabama football game last weekend. The highly anticipated match up of these previously undefeated SEC teams definitely had a sea of viewers watching as they featured coverage from a disc golf match between the two nationally ranked disc golf teams and showed that their rivalry exends far beyond the gridiron.

The thirty-second segment shown below seemed to be foreshadowing as the Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Mississippi State Bulldogs in the disc golf competition by one throw while the football team went on to secure their big win in the second half.

The first two Premier Events, two General Qualifiers, and one Playoffs Qualifier have already been completed. That means six National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship (NCDGC) spots and four National Qualifier Playoffs (NQP) spots have been earned.

At the Northeastern Collegiate Disc Golf Championships, newcomers Massachusetts-Amherst won and Penn State finished third to win their NCDGC spots.

The South Carolina Gamecocks won the SouthEast Collegiate Open for the second year in a row. However, they had already qualified for this year. Another new team, Kennesaw State, finished second to earn their NCDGC bid, while Georgia Tech took home the second NCDGC spot from the SECO Premier Event.

South Carolina won the Pocket Disc SouthEast Collegiate Open for the second year in a row this past Sunday.

The Gamecocks took a four throw lead heading into the final round of Team Doubles Sunday Morning. They held their lead over Kennesaw State University, the only team with a realistic shot of catching the leaders. Georgia sat in third place eight off the lead. USC Team Captain Josh Day and Team President Tyler Graham had their team ready to go. They shot the 4th best round of the day and added a thro to their lead to take home the title and the trophy. 

SECO hosts largest collegiate field other than the National Championships.

Once again, Flex D.G. will be kicking off the collegiate disc golf season with the Northeastern Collegiate Disc Golf Championship II. This year the NECDGC will be one of six Premier tournaments chosen by the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships to award two teams spots in the 2013 Championship. The question is; will anyone besides Penn State show up to represent the northeastern colleges?  

The PDGA and the National Collegiate Disc Golf Union are extremely excited about the upcoming 2012-2013 season and can't wait to see the growth of this wonderful faction of our great sport. Collegiate disc golf is a great vehicle to get our sport to the next level. Last year we had over 100 schools participate in a collegiate disc golf tournament. Our goal is to double that this year. Below is the schedule of Qualifier Events. For any and all information about collegiate disc golf, visit

The sport of disc golf has a number of cities around the United States that are worthy of the "mecca" moniker. NorCal, SoCal, Austin, Des Moines...all are great focal points for our sport, combining great courses, great clubs, and great events, into communities that have truly embraced our sport.