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Junior disc golfers train and compete daily at the Macha Disc Golf Course. Photo: Esther Schultz 

Imagine a place where, every day, the disc golf course is packed with kids eager to learn the game. Imagine that every day a full-time professional on staff trains these kids, one age group at a time, instilling technique as well as dedication and discipline. 

One could ask: Is this place home to a future world champion?

2018 Eagles Wings Junior Grant winners Wyatt Mahoney, Jason Casper, Lucy Burks, Evelyn Heath, and Jordan Smith. Photo: Scott Leader

An 18-hole course in Zambia has gone from dream to reality in a short period of time. Photo: Corie Thuma

Children learn to play disc golf at a demonstration in Zambia. Photo: Eagles Wings Disc Golf

Less than two years ago, a Marco Polo Program grant meant the start of something big in Zambia, Africa.

With the help of the grant, Eagles Wings Disc Golf took a team of eight to the Southern African nation to install a nine-hole course and teach the sport. The journey was well-received, and the team left with high hopes that disc golf would take root.

Eagles Wings staff member Jim Schultz with grant winners Virginia Polkinghorne #76009 (left) and Silas Schultz #79047 (right).

Driven by our desire to see youth disc golf grow, Eagles Wings Disc Golf is again offering the Eagles Wings Junior Grant in 2018.  Our goal with this grant is to reward junior disc golfers who not only excel on the course, but are intentional about investing in their local disc golf community. 

Last year, Eagles Wings Disc Golf took disc golf to Zambia, and now they've recently returned from their second international venture in Costa Rica, where a team of nine traveled to the nation's capital, San José, to install a disc golf course and teach the sport. While Costa Rica has at least two courses already, there is nothing within the city of San José itself, where a majority of the population lives.

Driven by our desire to see youth disc golf grow, and inspired by the Nate Doss Grant Program from 2016, Eagles Wings Disc Golf is offering their own Grant Program for 2017. This past year we worked with well over 1,000 youth teaching clinics, running leagues, and hosting tournaments and we are excited about the future of youth disc golf.

Story and Photos contributed by Dustin Leatherman