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2021 Delaware Disc Golf Challenge

2021 Delaware Disc Golf Challenge

Catrina Allen finished with a birdie to cap off a masterful final round at the 2021 Delaware Disc Golf Challenge. Photo: Conrad Meyer / PDGA

Catrina Allen is built for Iron Hill.

The two-time and defending Delaware Disc Golf Challenge champion, known to have one of the most intensive fitness, nutritional and mental training regimens on tour, seemed to only grow stronger as the grind of three days on the steeps of the storied Revolutionary War grounds took its toll on others.

Connor O'Reilly is a PDGA National Tour Champion, five years after picking up a disc for the first time. Photo: Kevin Huver / PDGA

Five years ago, a loss to his brother his first time out on the course gave Connor O’Reilly another competitive outlet.

An athlete and fierce competitor by nature, O’Reilly jumped in headfirst to the sport and learned the game. Nate Perkins was an early influence in Austin, Texas, where the two share a hometown. Ricky Wysocki was another one.

Catrina Allen kept her one-stroke lead heading into Sunday's finale. Photo: Conrad Meyer / PDGA

Moving day was a bit of an understatement on Saturday at the PDGA National TourDelaware Disc Golf Challenge.

Now it comes down to who makes the final move.

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