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Request for A-Tier Submissions

The PDGA Office is now accepting applications for 2013 A-Tiers. 

Tournaments wishing to be considered for A-Tier status for the 2013 PDGA Tour must have a history of prior successful events and must submit an application no later than Friday, November 9th, 2012.  Any events failing to apply by this date will be required to run as a B-Tiers in 2013.  Please note that A-Tiers may not conflict with PDGA Majors (unless they offer completely different player divisions) or National Tours (unless more than 1000 miles away.)

The 2013 schedule of PDGA Majors and National Tour Elite Series events is:

2013 Majors & NT Schedule

A PDF version of the 2013 Schedule of PDGA Majors and NTs is available for download. 

Each A-Tier application MUST submit at least two potential dates for their 2013 event so the PDGA office can create a schedule resolving any potential mileage restriction conflicts.

The following information must be completed and e-mailed to the Tour Manager at [email protected] no later than November 9th.

  • Tournament Name:
  • Tournament course or courses:
  • Tournament Town and State:
  • Tournament Director:
  • TD Email:
  • TD Phone:
  • Pro, Am, or Pro/Am:
  • # of total holes to be played:
  • Expected cash added to Pro Purse:
  • Preferred Date (MM/DD):
  • First Alternate Date (MM/DD):
  • Second Alternate Date (MM/DD):