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PDGA Radio: March 13, 2018

Steve Hill and Sara Lamberson recap some weekend events (2:00) and cover the PDGA's hot rounds (9:30) before talking about Chris Dickerson's phenomenal start to the season (11:47) and if he is underrated on a national scale. After, they reveal the 2017 PDGA Rookies of the Year (15:58) and discuss what it takes to achieve that title.

The Waco Annual Charity Open takes place this week (22:20), and Nate Perkins stops by the show to talk about the event, life on the road, and tacos (29:45). Steve and Sara make their picks (45:50) and A.J. Risley shares another pro tip (50:45) before the hosts delve into some of the recently released PDGA demographics (52:50).