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Update to the Update: New 2024 PDGA Champions Cup Dates

Update to the Update: New 2024 PDGA Champions Cup Dates

For real this time

Wednesday, November 22, 2023 - 14:25

The rescheduling of the 2024 PDGA Champions Cup has not been without its challenges. While some of these challenges were unavoidable, others were not. 

“We failed to properly assess the impact the Champions Cup rescheduling had on the newly announced DGPT Europe 2024 schedule of events. New practices are being put in place by the DGPT and the PDGA to ensure this does not happen again,” said PDGA Director of Operations, Doug Bjerkaas. 

The Champions Cup is still moving to Northwood Park in Morton, Illinois. However, the event is now scheduled for April 25-28, 2024. 

These are the original dates the event was scheduled for at the International Disc Golf Center (IDGC) in Appling, Georgia, before learning that the suppression treatment for a Southern pine beetle infestation at the IDGC would render the WR Jackson course unplayable.


The heavily wooded topography of Northwood Park in Morton, Ill. – just east of Peoria – will welcome the 2024 Champions Cup invitees.

The new date falls directly between the Music City Open in Nashville, Tennessee and the Dynamic Discs Open in Emporia, Kansas on the Elite Series schedule. 

“We support this date change and look forward to a great 2024 season,” said DGPT CEO, Jeff Spring.

Soliciting input from the pro touring players was critical when making this decision. The PDGA Pro Touring Players Committee (PTPC) and the DGPT Players Council have advocated for and support this spot on the calendar, as it does not conflict with any other Elite Series events and makes travel between events much easier than before. 

Andrew Fish, PTPC Chairperson, and Luke Humphries, DGPT Players Council Representative, shared, "Our primary goal is to bring the Champions Cup back to the IDGC in the future. The approach we are taking for the 2024 PDGA Champions Cup is the most effective way to address the current gap. Players are grateful that their concerns have been acknowledged, and they intend to collaborate closely with the PDGA in navigating similar situations in the future." 

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